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Describe Android Application Architecture?

Android Application Architecture has the following components:

  • Services like Network Operation

  • Intent – To perform inter-communication between activities or services

  • Resource Externalization – such as strings and graphics

  • Notification signalling users – light, sound, icon, notification, dialog etc.

  • Content Providers – They share data between applications

What are the advantages of Android?

The following are the advantages of Android:

The customer will be benefited from wide range of mobile applications to choose, since the monopoly of wireless carriers like AT&T and Orange will be broken by Google Android.

Features like weather details, live RSS feeds, opening screen, icon on the opening screen can be customized
Innovative products like the location -aware services, location of a near by convenience Store etc., are some of the additive facilities in Android.

Explain about the exceptions of Android?

The following are the exceptions that are supported Android

  • InflateException: When an error conditions are occurred, this exception is thrown
    Surface.OutOfResourceException: When a surface is not created or resized, this exception throw

  • SurfaceHolder.BadSurfaceTypeException: This exception is thrown from the lockCanvas() method, when invoked on a Surface whose is SURFACETYPE_PUSH_BUFFERS

  • WindowManager.BadTokenException: This exception is thrown at the time of trying to add view an invalid WindowManager.LayoutParamstoken.

What are the features of Android?

  • components can be reused and replaced by the application framework.

  • Optimized DVM for mobile devices

  • SQLite enables to store the data in a structured manner.

  • Supports GSM telephone and Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G and EDGE technologies

  • The development is a combination of a device emulator, debugging tools, memory profiling and plug -in for Eclipse IDE.

What are the differences between a domain work group?

In a domain, one or more computer can be a server to manage the network. On the other hand in a work group all computers are peers having no control on each other. In a domain user doesn’t need an account to login on a specific computer if an account is available on the domain. In a work group user needs to have an account for every computer.

In a domain, Computers can be on different local networks. In a work group all computers needs to be a part of the same local network.

What is needed to make a multiple choice list with a custom view for each row?

Multiple choice list can be viewed by making the CheckBox android:id va lue be “@android:id Itextl “. That is the ID used by Android for the CheckedTextView in simplelist_item_multiple_choice.

What are the dialog boxes that are supported in android? Explain

Android supports 4 dialog boxes:

  • AlertDialog: An alert dialog box supports 0 to 3 buttons and a list of selectable elements, including check boxes and radio buttons. Among the other dialog boxes, the most suggested dialog box is the alert dialog box.

  • ProgressDialog: This dialog box displays a progress wheel or a progress bar. It is an extension of AlertDialog and supports adding buttons.

  • DatePickerDialog: This dialog box is used for selecting a date by the user.

  • TimePickerDialog: This dialog box is used for selecting time by the user.

Is there anyway to determine if an Intent passed into a BroadcastReceiver’s on Receive is the result of a sticky Broadcast Intent, or if it was just sent?

Example for sticky broadcast

When you call registerReceiver( ) for that action — even with a null BroadcastReceiver — you get the Intent that was last broadcast for that action. Hence, you can use this to find the state of the battery without necessarily registering for all future state changes in the battery.


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