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Does the business analyst interact with clients directly? If so state the reason for the same?

It depends on the project to project it is not always the same that we do interact with the clients directly, some time there will be a team whom might be interacting with the client and gives you the requirement and if have questions either we do talk with that team or our manager.

What do understand by version control & configuration management ?

Basically version control is a part of configuration management. Mainly it handles when the previous document changes. Where as configuration management handles the individual component.

How should the requirements be to proceed with the project in the best way? What if the client does not give you the technical side of the requirement?

The requirements that we obtain from client have to be clear, descriptive at the necessary places. The requirements should be verified to be consistent. The Business Analyst has to understand it clearly to proceed on with feasibility checks. The client may not give the technical details. But the main thing is to gather the business oriented expectations clearly. We can decipher the technical requirements by analyzing the clear business requirements.

Mention the difference between business process improvement and business process reengineering?

Business process improvement implies changing a step sub step or any part of the process i.e. process is not completely changed In BPR we actually study the business and find out what is the best way I can carry out the process and change the whole way the process runs(business process redesign)

What are different software methodologies.?

SDLC, RUP, SEI-CMM, Six sigma, SWOT, Cost benefit analysis, Risk analysis, Gap analysis.

What are the things that have to be considered while writing a Business document?

Never should we bring out the small glitches on the top. We have to see through the eyes of the business persons and should always try to instill confidence in them, as much as we have on ourselves. As what they expect is the outer level of details, we should bring out the expectation, assumptions and other such criteria into picture clearly.

How do you resolve issues?

I would rather focus on issues and the facts related. Origin of issue, severity of the issue, implications and possible solutions to solve the issue. Try not to focus on the person who brought up the issue.Another important part is how to avoid similar issues in future.

What is UAT ?

User acceptance testing.

If the UAT fails, BA did not understand the requirements properly.

How can a BA be of assistance to the marketing team?

The BA has a good share of both business knowledge and technical knowledge pertaining to a specific domain. So when it comes to marketing a product or procuring a project, he can give his views and prospect oriented perspective in a more acceptable manner to the customers. This makes him a good advantageous role in marketing department of an organization.

How is business plan evaluated?

A business plan is evaluated by checking the contents of the plan such as if the plan have based on the resource planning and envisioning phase of the project.


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