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How to make the Delivery Profilers Work?

When we are Use SA System how Does SA Server understand that It needs to use it For Getting the User Profile information?

How do we enhance the functionality of the reports in BO?

You can format the BO Reports by using various features available. You can turn the table reports into a 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional charts. You can apply an Alert to show some data in a different format , based on some business rule. You can also create some prompts, which will asks user to give some input values before seeing the reports, this way they will see only filtered data. There are many similar exciting options available to enhance the reports.

Where to Configure the Scheduler?

We configure the OBIEE scheduler in database.

What are dashboards?

A management reporting tool to gauge how well the organization company is performing. It normally uses “traffic-lights” or “smiley faces” to determine the status.

How to hide Certain Columns From a User?

Application access level security- Do not add the column in the report, Do not add the column in the presentation layer.

Explain about Auditing in BO XI R2? What is the use of it?

Auditor is used by the business objects administrators to know the complete information of the 
business intelligence system.

  • it monitors entire BI system at a glance.

  • Analyzes usage and change impact

  • optimises the BI deployment

How can we Enable Drills in a Given Column Data?

To enable Drill down for a column, it should be included in the hierarchy in OBIEE. Hyperion IR has a drill anywhere feature where don’t have to define and can drill to any available column.

How do we Tune the BO Reports for Performance Improvement?

We can tune the report by using index awareness in universe

Is Drill Down Possible without the attribute being a Part of a Hierarchical Dimension?

No, it’s not possible.

Why we cannot create an aggregate on an ODS Object?

  • Operational Data Store has very low data latency. Data moved to ODS mostly on event based rather than time based ETL to Data Warehouse/Data Mart.

  • ODS is more closer to OLTP system. We don’t normally prefer to store aggregated data in OLTP. So it is with ODS.

  • Unlike data warehouse where data is HISTORICAL, ODS is near real time(NRT). So data aggregation is less important is ODS as data keeps changing.


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