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What is LHC in Citrix?

The IMA service executing on each Presentation Server downloads the information it requires from the central data store into a local MDB database known as  the Local Host Cache or LHC.

List out the load evaluators that are supported in Citrix?

Load evaluators that are supported in Citrix includes

  • Memory Utilization

  • CPU Utilization

  • IP Range

  • Page Swap

  • Page Fault

  • Context Switches

  • Disk Data I/O

  • Scheduling

  • Server Application Load

  • User Application Load

Mention what is the limit of refresh time for Local Host Cache in Citrix?

The refresh time set for Local Host Cache is 30 minutes, it can be created when IMA is stopped.

Explain how you can view the LHC information?

The LHC information is found in the file imalhc.mdb, and this file is available in c:\program files\citrix\independent management architecture\directory.

What is Citrix Reciever?

Citrix receiver is a collection of suite of products that enables client devices to connect to various desktop virtualization services offered by Citrix.  Citrix receiver can link with client devices to XenDesktop applications, XenApp and desktops via the HDX protocol.

What is Citrix Access Gateway?

CAG or Citrix Access Gateway is a universal secured socket layer virtual private network appliances. It got features like IPSec and SSL VPN.  It also enables instant access to the users and secure access to the company.  Any information resource can be retrieved by using CAG with secure, single point access, always on features.  It supports various types of applications including IP telephony.  Any application which is hosted on Citrix Presentation Server can be used in a secured manner.

How you can remove dead server from the Citrix Management Console?

To remove dead server from the Citrix Management Console you have to run

  • DSVERIFY SERVERS/CLEAN/FORCE for optimizing the Data Store

  • DSVerify can be executed on any of the servers in the farm

  • MetaFrame feature release 3 has a command line tool known as DSCHECK

  • Use the following command DSVerify command line tool DSCHECK/CHECK

  • or right click on the ‘server in the farm’ and select option ‘remove from the Farm’

What is the purpose of Zones?

Data collector stores information about Zones, User’s Session and Published Application.

  • A Farm consists of a subset referred as Zones

  • It consists of various server members

  • One of the server members is referred as Zone Data Collector

  • In traffic controlling, Zones are useful

  • Using ZDCs communication is established among zones

Explain the use of shadowing in Citrix?

In Citrix, shadowing resembles for one user to join remotely to another user.  One user can use the session of another user remotely.


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