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What is Cognos Connection?

It is a Web portal for Cognos 8 and a component which interracts with the Content Store. It is a frontend to publish, find, manage, organize, and view organization’s business intelligence data.

What is cube size?

2.0 GBIt depends on ur project requirements.

What is a folder?

Folder contains repository objects such as sources, targets, mappings, transformation which are helps logically organize our data warehouse.

What is loop in frameworkmanager?

Loop: loop is a closed path (relation) that exists among 3 (or) more tables. For example, if we have ‘3’ tables T1, T2, T3 then, a loop exists among these tables only when we create joins in the following fashion:

Loop: T1 —> T2 —> T3 —> T1

To resolve the above problem, we have to create a shortcut (or) Alias to the Table T1.

No Loop: T1 —> T2 —> T3 —> Alias (or) Shortcut of T1

What is Report item?

Report item is nothing but a query item when it is drag and drop into the work area.

What is meant by Junk Dimension?

The Junk Dimension also called as garbage dimension.

A junk dimension is a convenient grouping of typically low-cardinality flags and indicators.

Explain Informatica Architecture?

Informatica consist of client and server. Client tools such as Repository manager, Designer, Server manager. Repository data base contains metadata it read by informatica server used read data from source, transforming and loading into target.

How create measures and Demensions?

You can create measure once you import all the data into the data source.You can create measures and dimensions by draging the required source from datasource into dimension map and measure tab.(need to find scope of measures for all the dimensions)

What is Cardinality?

Cardinality is nothing but relation between tables.

One to One > One to Many > Many to Many > Many to One

What is transformer?

Transformer is used for building the Cubes (Multidimensional Structure used for OLAP

How do you call a store procedure within a transformation?

In the expression transformation create new out port in the expression write :sp.stored procedure name(arguments).

What is meant by alternate drill down with ex?

Alternate drill down path means there will be two path to opt.For example- We will have time dimension now the client requirement is they want two type of year -one is calender year(Jan-Dec) and another is fiscal year(Apr-Mar).

What is data mining?

Data mining is a process of extracting hidden trends within a data warehouse.

What is catalog and types of catalogs in cagonos?

A catalog is a file containing the information (Database tables) that Impromptu users need to create reports. > personal > distributed > hared > secured

What is difference between Informatica power mart and power center?

Using power center we can create global repository

Power mart used to create local repository

Global repository configure multiple server to balance session load

Local repository configure only single server

What is the difference between enterprise data warehouse and data warehouse?

Big Organizations have a lot of diversified sources of data.There might be a dataware house exclusively for transport and others for data related to the project the company runs.In such case the complete enterprise’s(company’s) date ware house is a big combination of all and is known the Enterprise data Warehouse(EDW)

What are the types of prompt in Cognos?

Value prompt ,Text Prompt, Date prompt, Time prompt, Date and time prompt

How to join multiple db in catalog?

Mutiple database could not be connected in a single catalog. So that we use hotfile for thispurpose.

What are the batches and it’s details?

Sequential(Run the sessions one by one

Concurrent (Run the sessions simultaneously)


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