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Do you really think that company or organization really needs a helpdesk?

The key to run company effectively is that the resources are available and operational all the time, especially if it is an IT company.  Helpdesk is necessary as it makes sure that resources are available for customer and also operational reasons.

Are you a team-player?

This question is generally asked to check whether candidate is capable of working under different circumstances and with different people.  As help desk associate has to constantly deal with different people of different departments, and to work with them smoothly and efficiently teamwork is very important.

How important IT skills are in help desk service and how you keep yourself updated with those skills?

To process your work quickly computer skills are very important these days. Computers not only make your work easy but also save your time and energy. I use internet, online books and other educational resource to upgrade my IT skills.

How you deal with a customer who is on the phone and refuses to calm down?

Such situation is very common in a helpdesk job. This question is again put in-front of you to check your ability how you face the stressful situation.

How you deal with the frustrated customer?

The first thing a help desk person must do is to try understanding the customer, also try to avoid the conflicts or any such things that disturbs the customer. Then you can confront with each other and try to solve the problem.

Tell me one thing that you don’t like about your job?

Give your answer in brief and avoid telling something that related to customer service. If you want to say something that you don’t like than you can mention that long queue of customers waiting for their turn is something you don’t like.

What are the three abilities of an ideal help desk person?

  • Ability to listen others

  • Ability to present your thoughts clearly

  • To be patient especially in a tense situation

How you will organize your work schedule?

Based on the priority, I will schedule my work and assignment accordingly.

What motivates you for the help desk assistant job?

I like to communicate with people. Help desk assistant job is a type of job where you continuously interact with people and help them to solve their problems.

In a situation where caller did not understand what you are explaining, what you would do?

First I will repeat the question and try listen to the customer and if the customer is annoyed and is not ready to listen what you are saying, the best thing is to transfer the call to supervisor or another assistant.

Imagine if there is a customer who does not understand your language then how will you help him/her?

I personally think that to help someone, language should not be barrier. Anyhow if you cannot help him out then the best thing would be to make him understand with the sign language (obviously when seeing the customer physically). Over a call, you can use google translate or similar tools to communicate with customer.

Please tell me some of the task that you had performed in your previous company?

Explain him about your job responsibility in previous job citing few examples of customer handling and solving their problems.

What is your worst experience so far as a help desk assistant?

Try to give answer where you had a minimum conflict or misunderstanding with the customer, and then explain how you had solved the problem.

If the customer is not satisfied with your service do you analyze your mistake or just move on to another customer?

Help desk associate responsibility is to give a satisfactory solution to their customer, and if the customer’s problem is not solved then a follow up needs to be taken till the

problem is not solved.


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