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What is the role of the never consolidate operator(^)?

It stops member from becoming consolidate on all dimensions.

Is it possible to have several meta outlines in the Integration services that are built on a single OLAP model?

The answer is yes.

Is it possible to have a metaoutline built on two separate OLAP models?

No, it’s not possible.

What is the true meaning of a hybrid analysis?

The members with a higher level along with the data associated will stay in the Essbase database while the members of a smaller level and their associated data will live in the relational database.

What is the explanation for a higher efficiency of a bottom-up calculation than a topdown calculation?

The reason for this is calculating a higher amount of blocks than needed and for the right results to show up there is a need for making a top-down calculation.

What is the real base for calling a parallel or a serial method for making the calculations?

We will use the serial calculation only when we have one processor and when we have more than one the operation can be split into threads that will work on the various available processors.

What is the meaning of a block locking system?

The Essbase Services, also called analytic will make a lock to each of the blocks that encapsulate the childs of the initial block, this is what a block locking system means.

What partitioning options do we have in Essbase?

The partitioning options are: replicated, transparent and linked.

Is it true that the retrieval time is shorten by the dynamic calculation and the database calculation time is longer?

It is exactly backwards than stated because the when the calculation of dynamic members is made we will have a longer retrieval time.


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