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What is the advantage of using LoadRunner.

1-loadrunner automatically records the performance of the client/server during test.

2-loadrunner checks where performance delays occur network/client delays.

3-loadrunner monitor the network and server resource to help the improve performance.

how to run a scenario.

Open an existing scenario .

Configure the scenario.

Set the result directory.

Run the scenario.

what the host attributes determine.

1-the maximum number of vuser that host can run.

2-the initialization quota .

3-the location of the WinRunner configuration file.

4. the location of the file during run-time.

what are the LoadRunner testing process.

There are 5 steps.

1-planning the test.

2-creating the vuser script.

3-creating the scenario.

4- running the scenario.

5-analysis the test result.

what is action section.

Record the client activity .

what is protocol function.

Obtain the information about the type of vuser.

what is the LoadRunner end transaction and its syntax.

It will end the transaction. Syntax. Lr-end-transaction(“transaction name”, LR-AUTO).

how vugen create a vuser script.

By recording the activity between client and server.

What the vuser script contain.

The vuser script includes the function that measure and record the performance of the server during the scenario.

what are the process for developing a vuser script.

There are 5 steps for developing a vuser script.

1-recording the vuser script .

2-edit the vuser script.

3-runtime setting .

4-run the vuser script in stand-alone mode.

5-incorporate the vuser script into a LoadRunner scenario.

what is filtering and sorting.

We can filter the information display only those items that meet the selected criteria(filter box) .exam you can filter vuser only those who are in ready state. Sorting – we can sort all the vuser in the vuser list. In order to their vuser ID(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

what is rendezvous graph.

It indicate when vuser were released from rendezvous point and how many vuser are released from each help the transaction performance time .

what is the LoadRunner start-transaction and its syntax.

It will start the transaction on the script. Syntax. Lr-start-transaction(“transaction name”).

how you develop the database vuser script.

Developing the database vuser script either by recording with LoadRunner vuser script generator (VuGen) or by using LoadRunner vuser script template.

what type of function generate and insert by the vugen to the script when you record a script.

1-LR Function.(vuser function) 2- protocol function.

What are the reasons why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server.

Parameterization is generally done to test with multiple set of data or records.

what is GUI vuser and on which platform it will run.

GUI vuser operate graphical user interface application and it can run in either the MS-Windows / X-Windows environment .

What is rendezvous point.

To emulate peak load on the server.

what is the purpose of running the scenario.

To check the response time of the client/server system under load.

How you edit the script.

While editing the script we have to inserting the transaction point and rendezvous point.

when a scenario run exactly what happened.

1-The controller check the scenario configuration information.

2-then next it invoke the application that you select to run with the scenario .

3- then transform each script to its related hosts, when the vuser are ready they start execution.

what are the section contain by the vugen while creating a vuser script.

Vugen contain the 3 section .




what is Host.

Host is machine which execute the vuser script.

what is report header and what are the information contains.

It display general scenario information and it contain the information like (title, scenario, result start time, end time and duration).

what is the vuser in the scenario.

LoadRunner replace the human user with vuser.


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