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How can you show your presentation online in PowerPoint 2013?

To present your online presentation in PowerPoint

  • Click on Fileà Shareà Present Online

  • Select the option enable remote viewers to download the presentation check box

  • Click Present Online

  • Send your meeting invitation to attendees by copying link or send in email

  • To get out of the Slide Show press ESC and click on End Online Presentation to end the presentation

How to customize your slide PowerPoint 2013?

To customize your slide, first open a new PowerPoint slide

  • Choose a theme from Design menu, once you have selected the slide theme  then you can change the look of  a slide by  clicking on variant

  • To change the color of slide you can use customize option, this option gives various option to customize slide to your liking

  • You can also customize the text box by clicking on the text and it will give text customization option

What is the short cut key for last action performed and to move the mouse insertion point to the next panel in PowerPoint 2013?

a)      Short cut key for last action performed: F4

b)      Short cut key to move the mouse insertion point to the next panel: F6

How you can use Document Inspector and what is the role of it in PowerPoint presentation?

The Document Inspector function can be used to remove certain personal information which may be added to the file automatically.

  • Click on File tab under Backstage View

  • From the Info panel, click Check for Issues ,  then select Inspect Document from the drop down menu

  • The Document Inspector will appear.  Check or uncheck the boxes, depending upon the content you want to review, then click Inspect

  • For any potentially sensitive data the inspection result will show exclamation mark and a Remove All button to remove the sensitive data

How you can record a slide show in PowerPoint 2013?

To record a slide show in power point

  • Click the slide show tab, then locate the Set Up group

  • Click the Record Slide Show drop down arrow.  Select either “Start recording from current slide” or “ Start recording from Beginning”

  • A dialog box will appear, select the desired options “Select and animation timings” and second option is “ Narration and laser pointer” and then click on “ Start Recording” option.

  • Soon you click on “Start Recording” your presentation will open on a full screen

  • Perform your slide show, when you are ready to move to the next slide, click “Next” button represented with an arrow mark on the “Recording Toolbar”

How you can protect your presentation in PowerPoint 2013?

To protect your presentation in PowerPoint 2013,

  • Click the File to Backstage View

  • In Info panel, click the Protect Presentation command

  • In drop down menu, choose the option that best suits your needs.

  • Let say if you mark it as final a pop up box will appear asking you to save document as final

  • When you click OK another pop up box appear confirming the document is saved as final

How you can create a video in PowerPoint 2013?

  • Select the file tab

  • Select Export and then click Create a Video , video export option will appear on the right

  • Click the drop down arrow next to Computer and HD Displays for the size and quality of your video

  • Select the option according whether you want to record narration or not

  • Click Create Video and then save the video

How you can insert online video in PowerPoint 2013?

To insert online video in PowerPoint,

  • Go to à  Insert

  • At the end of Insert menu, you see an option Video, click on it

  • Click on online Video, and you can upload video

  • You can upload video from Facebook account, by clicking on the Facebook icon

How can you play music for the duration of your slide show in PowerPoint 2013?

  • Download or store music to your PC hard drive and from there upload it to PowerPoint

  • In the main menu on the “Insert” tab, click “Audio” and then click on “Audio on my PC”

  • Locate and double click the music file

  • Click on “Play in Background” under “Playback” tab

How you can trim video in PowerPoint 2013?

To work on specific part of video or to delete some part of video, PowerPoint gives trim option, the playback tab has several options which you can use to edit your video.

  • Select the video you want to trim and click the Playback tab on the ribbon

  • Click the  command Trim Video

  • A dialog box will appear, to set the start time use the green handle and to set the end time use the red handle

  • To preview the video, click the Play button

  • When you are done trimming the video, click OK

How you can use and Eyedropper Tool in PowerPoint 2013?

To match the text color match with the slide, Eyedropper function can be useful.

  • Click inside an already created text box, with in “home tab”, select the font color icon in the navigation bar.  In the drop down menu, click the “Eyedropper” at the bottom

  • Select the Eyedropper option over the part of the image you want to colour and click on it. The font color will change

How you can add bookmark to the video in PowerPoint 2013?

To add bookmark to the video,

  • To locate the desired part of the videos click on the timeline

  • Click the Add Bookmark command from the playback tab

  • On timeline, Bookmark will appear, click the bookmark to jump to that location

How to merge shapes in PowerPoint 2013?

To merge two shapes in PowerPoint 2013,

  • Go to à  Insert tab

  • You will see the “Shapes” button, click on it

  • Select the shape you want

  • Repeat the same step again to add second shape to the slide

  • Select the two shapes

  • Go to à Format tab

  • Click on the small icons available and choose your options, like Union, Combine, etc. Here we use option Combine to merge shapes

How you can customize slide layout?

To customize slide layout

  • Navigate to Slide Master view

  • Locate and select the desired layout in the left navigation panel.  Over each layout you can hover the mouse to see which slides are currently using that layout in presentation

  • The background graphics may be hidden in some layouts, to show this graphic uncheck the box next to Hide Background Graphics

  • You can also add, remove or delete any objects as desired

  • When you finish click on Close Master View command on the Slide Master tab


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