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What is Quality Center?

QC is mercury interactive process based test management system.

Why use Quality Center?

QC is a part of the Test Suite set of tools that allows u to organize and manage your testing effort.
-create a repository to store all the test results, metrics and collateral.
-maintain security for the testing project.
-Writing manual test cases and automated test scripts
-Scheduling and executing the tests
-Integrating with the feature testing tool (Win Runner & QTP)
-Analyze the entire testing process with graphs and reports
-generate custom project documents (MS Word, MS Project)
-Provides a means for defect tracking and reporting
-Is accessible world-wide

What are the phases of Quality Center process?

-Setting up the QC project
-Requirements Management
-Create Test Cases
-Run Tests and Analyze Results
-Report and Track Defects

What are the features of Quality Center?

-Entirely browser based
-Project customization now a separate module
-Test requirements management
-Execution Flow tab
-“Drill Down” in graphs
-save graph, report and grid settings for reuse
-Attach screen snapshots to any object that accepts attachments
-Web Defect Manager functionality built into Defects tab

What is a Quality Center Project?

A QC project is a customizable repository for the testing effort. It contains tests, test sets, execution records, defect reports and other test documentation.

What data sources (databases) does QC use to store and manage data?

A QC project can be stored and managed using the following data sources.
-Microsoft Access
-Microsoft Sql

How does u create a project in QC?

Use the Project Administration Utility to create a QC project

How does you control the access to a QC project?

As a QC Admin, you can specify the users and the privileges each user will have. Privileges can also be set for groups.

What is a Table in QC project?

A table in QC project stores records of information about your test plan. It is part of a database.

How many built-in tables does QC have? What are they?

There are 6 tables accessible to the user via QC’s Customize Project interface.
They are as follows:
-Test Table
-Test Step Table
-Run Table
-Test Set Table
-Defect Table
-Requirement Table

What is a User-Defined field? How many can u create?

A User-Defined field is a column in a QC table activated by the user to hold project specific information. You can create unto 99 user-defined fields in a QC project.

What are the benefits of User-defined fields?

-Store project-specific information that may be inappropriate for built-in fields
-More ways to filter and sort project information
-More ways to customize graphs and reports.

What are the currently supported user defined field types?

-User List
-Lookup List

Where are the user-defined fields added?

The user-defined fields are added to the Test Plan tab under “Other Information”

How do you launch winRunner?

Test Script tab under Test Plan module lets u
-see any WinRunner code that exists for a test
-launch WinRunner with this script loaded.


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