Latest SAP CRM Interview Questions and Answers

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What is SAP CRM?

SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software tool provided by SAP to support end to end customer related supports. It handles various activities like invoicing, delivery, decision making, accounts receivable and so on.

Mention what are the master data in SAP CRM?

In SAP CRM, the Master Data is basic data about your customer which can be shared amongst different modules.

Explain what is Activity Journal?

You can record and update information from customer visit or telephone call in Activity Journal.

Mention what is the standard transaction type for Quotation?

The standard transaction type for quotation is AG, and the item category is AGN.

Explain what is partner function in SAP CRM?

As the name indicates partner function describes the organization and people with whom the business is done, which includes any kind of business transaction. Partner function includes information like

• Sold to party
• Ship to party
• Bill to party

Explain what is text determination in SAP CRM?

In CRM, text can be used to exchange and information between the customers, partners or between the users. Text can be created for customer master, sales document header and item, billing document header and item and so on.

Explain what is Actions in SAP CRM?

“Actions” in SAP CRM are a way to add functionality to objects. For example, to send quotation to the customers from the quotation document, you can use Actions. Another use of actions is, for instance, creating in follow on document.

List out the standard transaction types for sales?

Some of the standard transaction types for sales are

• LEAD- lead
• AG- Quotation
• Opt-Opportunity
• OPSM- Sales Methodology
• TA- Tele Sales, etc.

Explain what is the prerequisites to create an opportunity?

Lead is the pre-requisites for creating an opportunity. Once it is qualified as a hot lead then, it is send through workflow and then opportunity is created.

Explain what is the difference between a CRM lead and an Opportunity?

• Lead: It is an account or contact with very little information.

• Opportunity: It is a contact or account which has been qualified.

Explain what is logical links in SAP CRM?

The navigational bar in SAP CRM has two level menu structure. The top level menus are referred as work centers, and these work centers contain logical links that point to the actual CRM application. Below the two-level menu system, there is a set of logical links which enables the CRM user to directly create the CRM business object. These links are referred as direct links. Logical link allows navigation to different pages.

Mention how CRM assign the business roles?

To assign business roles, SAP CRM uses two basic ways

• Indirect assignment of business roles PPOMA_CRM
• Directly through security roles assigned to user masters in SU01

What is the package that you use to save the OD profile?

To save the OD profile, we use $tmp.


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