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What is SAS GRAPH?

SAS/GRAPH software creates and delivers accurate, high-impact visuals that enable decision makers to gain a quick understanding of critical business issues.

What areas of SAS are you most interested in?


Describe 5 ways to do a “table lookup” in SAS.

Match Merging, Direct Access, Format Tables, Arrays, PROC SQL

What versions of SAS have you used (on which platforms)?

SAS 9.1.3,9.0, 8.2 in Windows and UNIX, SAS 7 and 6.12

What are some good SAS programming practices for processing very large data sets?

Sampling method using OBS option or subsetting, commenting the Lines, Use Data Null

What are some problems you might encounter in processing missing values? In Data steps? Arithmetic? Comparisons? Functions? Classifying data?

The result of any operation with missing value will result in missing value. Most SAS statistical procedures exclude observations with any missing variable values from an analysis.

How would you create a data set with 1 observation and 30 variables from a data set with 30 observations and 1 variable?


What is the different between functions and PROCs that calculate the same simple descriptive statistics?

Proc can be used with wider scope and the results can be sent to a different dataset. Functions usually affect the existing datasets.

If you were told to create many records from one record, show how you would do this using array and with PROC TRANSPOSE?

Declare array for number of variables in the record and then used Do loop Proc Transpose with VAR statement

What do the SAS log messages “numeric values have been converted to character” mean? What are the implications?

It implies that automatic conversion took place to make character functions possible.

Why is a STOP statement needed for the POINT= option on a SET statement?

Because POINT= reads only the specified observations, SAS cannot detect an end-of-file condition as it would if the file were being read sequentially.

How do you control the number of observations and/or variables read or written?

FIRSTOBS and OBS option

Approximately what date is represented by the SAS date value of 730?

31st December 1961

Identify statements whose placement in the DATA step is critical.


What does the RUN statement do?

When SAS editor looks at Run it starts compiling the data or proc step, if you have more than one data step or proc step or if you have a proc step. Following the data step then you can avoid the usage of the run statement.

Why is SAS considered self-documenting?

SAS is considered self documenting because during the compilation time it creates and stores all the information about the data set like the time and date of the data set creation later No. of the variables later labels all that kind of info inside the dataset and you can look at that info using proc contents procedure.


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