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How you can insert a break point in Selenium IDE?

In Selenium IDE to insert a break point

  • Select “Toggle break point” by right click on the command in Selenium IDE

  • Press “B” on the keyboard and select the command in Selenium IDE

  • Multiple break points can be set in Selenium IDE

Explain in Selenium IDE how can you debug the tests?

  • Insert a break point from the location from where you want to execute test step by step

  • Run the test case

  • At the given break point execution will be paused

  • To continue with the next statement click on the blue button

  • Click on the “Run” button to continue executing all the commands at a time

What is Selenese and what are the types of Selenese?

Selenese is a selenium set of command which are used for running the test

There are three types of Selenese

  • Actions: It is used for performing the operations and interactions with the target elements

  • Assertions: It is used as a check points

  • Accessors: It is used for storing the values in a variable

Explain what are the limitations of Selenium IDE?

The limitations of Selenium IDE

  • Exceptional handling is not present

  • Selenium IDE uses only HTML languages

  • External databases reading is not possible with IDE

  • Reading from the external files like .txt, .xls is not possible

  • Conditional or branching statements execution like if,else,  select statements is not possible

What are the two modes of views in Selenium IDE?

Either Selenium IDE can be opened as a pop up window or in side bar

In selenium IDE what are the element locators that can be used to locate elements on web page?

In selenium there are mainly 4 locators that are used

  • X-path locators

  • Css locators

  • Html id

  • Html name

In Selenium IDE how you can generate random numbers and dates for test data?

In Selenium IDE you can generate random numbers by using Java Script




And for date



javascript{new Date()}

How you can convert any Selenium IDE tests from Selenese to another language?

You can use the format option of Selenium IDE to convert tests into another programming language

Using Selenium IDE is it possible to get data from a particular html table cell?

You can use the “storeTable” command

Example store text from cell 0,2 from an html table


Css=#table 0.2


Explain what can cause a Selenium IDE test to fail?

  • When a locator has changed and Selenium IDE cannot locate the element

  • When element Selenium IDE waiting to access did not appear on the web page and the operation timed out

  • When element Selenium IDE was trying to access was not created


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