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What are the reporting service components in SSRS?

The reporting service components in SSRS includes

  • Report Designer: It is a place where the report is created or designed

  • Report Server: It provides services for delivery of reports and for implementations

  • Report Manager: A web based administration tool to manage the report server

Explain can you implement data mining in SSRS?

Yes, it is possible to implement data mining in SSRS by using DMX designer to create data mining queries for SSRS reports.

Explain how you can configure a running aggregate in SSRS?

To configure a running aggregate in SSRS, you can use the Running Value function.

What is the main function of a query parameter?

The main function of a query parameter is to filter data in the data source.

Explain can SSRS reports Cache results?

Caching reports enables users to access and view reports much faster.  SSRS does allow Cache reports on reporting server.

What are the three command line utilities and what are their primary functions?

The three command line utilities include

  • RsConfig.exe: It is used to determine the connection properties from the SSRS instance to the Report Server database

  • RsKeyMgmet.exe: It executes scale out deployment set-up and encryption key operations

  • Rs.exe: It executes Report server Script files which can perform management operations and report deployment

Explain how you can deploy an SSRS report?

SSRS report can be deployed in three ways

  • By Visual Studio: You can directly deploy the report in Visual Studios through solution explorer, by declaring the report server URL in project properties at Target Server URL.

  • By Report Server: By browsing the report from the disk location of the server you can deploy the report to report server

  • By creating the Utility: Another option is to create customized utility to deploy the report

What method you can use to reduce the overhead of Reporting Services data sources?

Cached reports and Snapshots can be used to reduce the overhead of Reporting Services Sources.

What is the difference between Tabular and Matrix report?

  • Tabular Report: Tabular report is the most basic type of report. Each column relates to a column chosen from the database

  • Matrix Report: A matrix report is a cross-tabulation of four groups of data.

Explain how would you store your query in an SSRS report or a Database server?

Storing SQL queries directly in text format in the data should be avoided.  Instead, it should be stored in a stored procedure in the database server. The advantage is that the SQL would be in a compiled format in an SP and gives all the benefits of SP compared to using an ad-hoc query from the report.


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