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What is the meaning of “export” command in Ubuntu?

Export is a command in Bash shell language, when you try to set a variable, it is visible or exported to any subprocess started from that instance of bash.  The variable will not exist in the sub-process without the export command.

How to uninstall the libraries in Ubuntu?

To uninstall the libraries in Ubuntu, you can use command sudo apt – get remove library_name

How you can run an Ubuntu program in the background simultaneously when you start your Ubuntu Server?

By using nohup.  It will stop the process receiving the NOHUP signal and thus terminating it you log out of the program which was invoked with.  & runs the process in the background.

How you can get the current color of the current screen on the Ubuntu desktop?

You can open the background image in The Gimp (image editor) and then use the dropper tool to select the color on the specific point. It gives you the RGB value of the color at that point.

What is the purpose of using libaio package in Ubuntu?

Libaio is Linux Kernel Asynchronous I/O (A/O).  A/O allows even a single application thread to overlap I/O operations with other processing, by providing an interface for submitting one or more I/O requests in one system call without waiting for completion.  And a separate interface to reap completed I/O operations associated with a given completion group.

How you create launchers on desktop in Ubuntu?

To create launchers on desktop in Ubuntu you can use

ALT+F2 then type “ gnome-desktop-item-edit –create-new~/desktop “,  it will launch the old GUI dialog and create a launcher on your desktop

How to color the Git console in Ubuntu?

To color the Git console in Ubuntu you can use the command git config—global color.ui auto.  In the command, the color.ui variable sets the default value for variable such as color.diff and color.grep.

How you can append one file to another in Ubuntu Linux?

To append one file to another in Ubuntu Linux you can use command cat file2 >> file 1.  The operator >> appends the output of the named file or creates the file if it is not created.  While another command cat file 1 file 2 > file 3 appends two or more files to one.

What is the use of behaviour tab in Ubuntu?

Through behaviours tab you can make many changes on the appearance of desktop

  • Auto hide the launcher : You can use this option to reveal the launcher when moving the pointer to the defined hot spot.

  • Enable workspaces:  By checking this option you can enable workspace

  • Add show desktop icon to the launcher: This option is used to display the desktop icon on the launcher

What is the command to calculate the size of a folder?

To calculate the size of a folder use the command du –sh folder1.

What is a folder in Ubuntu ?

There is no concept of Folder in Ubuntu. Everything including your hardware is a FILE

How can you find status of a process using Ubuntu ?

Use the command

ps ux

How can you check the memory status ?

You can use the command

free -m  to display output in MB

free -g  to display output in GB


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