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What is Unicast?

Unicast is the method used in the clustering technique where there are cluster master and each server should ping to this cluster master for informing that the server is alive.

What is Multicast?

It is a kind of clustering system where there is no cluster master and each and every server needs to ping each other for informing their existence. Multicasting has many messages to be sent in the form of ping as each server needs to inform all others about its existence. This condition creates much complexity associated with the method compared to unicast.

What is a stage deployment?

Stage deployment is a kind of process in which the admin gets a physical copy which is distributed to the other instances.

What is non-stage deployment?

There is no copy in the administrator but each and every server needs to contact the source directly for getting the item to be deployed.

How can port number be checked?

Port number can be checked by using netstat-na|grep connected.

How to find out the listening ports?

Listening ports can be found out by using netstat-na|grep listen.

How to check the version of Java?

Version of java can be checked by using [roo@h1vm/]#java-version.

How is it informed when the server is added to the cluster?

The availability of the new server in the cluster is broadcasted by the WebLogic server – cluster.

How many WebLogic servers can be held inside a multi-processor machine?

There is no limitation for the number of servers.

What is application tuning?

This process involves ejb pool – size cache and jsp recompilation.

What is OS tuning?

This is the process of setting up TCP/IP parameters.

What is Core Server tuning?

This is the process involving the tuning of work manager, chuck size, performance packs, chunk pool size and connection backlog buffering.

What is JVM tuning?

This process involves monitoring of the garbage collection and the tuning of gc strategy.

What is a Machine?

Machine is the logical representation that of the physical machine.

What is Node Manager?

Node manager is a service from Java that is capable of running separate process other than that of WebLogic server.

What is a domain?

Domain can be defined as the group which comprises of various WebLogic – server resources.


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