Most Asked Ab Initio Interview Questions and Answers

Ab Initio Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

What is the purpose of ramp limit?

The limit parameter is representing how much reject events exist and is an integer, while the limit parameter is the rate of reject events that the records processed has, it is a real number.

What is the role of a driving port?

Driving port is usually meant for graph performance enhancement.

What can we say about partitioning with key and round robin?

The partitioning with key (also called hash partition) is partitioning method used when we have diverse keys. The technique is used basically in the processing of parallel data. On the other hand round robin partitioning is a technique that allows us to distribute the data on every destination partition uniformly. While in the case of partitioning with key we can have large data skew due to large key volume, in the case of using round robin partitioning the skew is zero.

What is the definition of a multistage component?

It is a transform component in which we find different packages.

What are the supported layouts in Ab Initio?

The supported layouts are the serial and the parallel and a graph can include them both. The parallel layouts is related to the parallelism degree.

What can we say about the Scan component versus a RollUp component?

Scan components make a total series of records while RollUp components summarize groups of data records.

What is the meaning of a DB config versus a CFG file?

The similarity between these two types is that they are both used for database connectivity. The difference is the usage in Informix Database of the CFG file type and the DB config files are used in SQL Server or Oracle.

How the term Standard Environment can be explained?

The Standard Environment is the type of environment with more than one project that is private and another public one.


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