Most Asked Adobe Illustrator Interview Questions and Answers

Adobe Illustrator Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

Explain what does the Pucker and Bloat tool does?

Pucker and Bloat tool create the distortion effect that converts an object by curving its edges towards the Center or pushing them away from the Center (Bloat) all the while maintaining the anchor points in position.

Explain how you can revert the last saved version in Adobe illustrator?

Adobe illustrator can revert a file to the last saved version but not if you have closed and then re-opened the file.  You cannot undo this action, Choose File -> Revert.

Explain how you can create an artboard in Adobe Illustrator?

To create an artboard in Adobe Illustrator you have to follow the steps like

  • Create a custom artboard, choose the Artboard tool, and move it into the workspace to define the size, shape and location

  • To use a preset Artboard, you have to double click on the Art-board tool, and then choose a preset in the Artboard option dialog box and click ok. Drag the Artboard to the position you want

  • To copy an existing Artboard, choose the Artboard tool, then click the Artboard you have to duplicate and tap on the new Artboard button in the control panel, then tap on the button where you want to place the duplicated Artboard

  • To duplicate an Artboard with the contents, choose the Artboard tool, click to choose the move/copy Artboard rectangle to accommodate the bleed

List out some useful plugins in Illustrator?

Some of the useful plugins used in illustrator are

  • VectorScribe: It gives complete freedom for editing and customization without a ton of excess work

  • CADtools 5: With this plugin user can create special grids and draw isometric project even in 3D

  • Phantasm CS2: It allows you to change the curves, hue and saturation efficiently and effectively

  • SymmetryWorks 4: It allows you to work on greeting cards, vectors, symbols and patterns to incorporate into your artwork

Explain how you can export ICNS icon from Adobe Illustator?

To export ICNS icon from Adobe Illustrator, you have to use the script adobe illustrator.icns exporter. This script will directly export the icons to .icns file.


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