Most Asked Adobe Photoshop Interview Questions and Answers

Adobe Photoshop Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

Explain how you can create a Diptych?

To create a Diptych

  • Go to “Print” module under the main menu

  • Under layout style select Custom Package

  • Now under Rulers, Grids and Guides , check and uncheck the options as per your requirement like page grid, rulers, image cells, dimensions etc.

  • After that adjust other settings like file resolution, custom file dimensions, JPEG Quality

  • Now you can drag and drop the images on your film strip onto the blank page and arrange them

  • When done, choose print to file to export your diptych

Explain how you can create the HDR effects in lightroom?

In order to give an HDR effect to photo in light room,

  • You have to open the develop module of Lightroom

  • First step is to choose tone base

  • The tone base will hightlight various settings like shadows, whites and blacks, constrast, clarity, saturation etc. It will set the foundation for the faux HDR effect

What color is considered to be blown out?

Any colour whose number exceeds 240 in light room is considered as blown out color.

Explain how you can fix blown out colors in light room?

To fix the blown out colors in light room, you have to go to local adjustment brush option in lightroom and you can adjust your color. Either you can reduce the effect of color or either you can balance the effect of color by increasing the proportion of the opposite color.

Explain how you can create a Grainy matte effect in Lightroom?

To create a Grainy matte effect in lightroom , you have to

  • Go to “basic” section of the develop module

  • Make changes like shadows, clarity or saturation if it requires

  • Now go to the “split toning” section in the develop module and make the adjustment to Hue, saturation, balance, hightlight etc.

  • And at the last we have to add grain, you can adjust the option like Amount, Size and Roughness

Mention what is the short cut to e-mails photos directly from lightroom?

To e-mail photos directly from the lightroom short cut is

Press:  Command+Shift+M(MAC) / Control+shift+M ( displays the options to e-mail photos in lightroom)

Explain how smart collection in lightroom is useful?

Smart collection in light room is useful in

  • Finding specific file types

  • Smart collections to mark best images and can set up additional criteria

  • Smart collections for Aspect Ratio- which means you can see your image in different formats like landscape, portrait and square

Explain why filename template is important in light room?

File name template is important in light room because with the file name template you can save lot of information about the image like meta-data of that image, equipment, date, equipment etc. Apart from that, you can also include a custom text field.

Explain where you can use file name templates?

File name templates can be used whenever you choose to rename files.

Explain how you can assign a keywords in Lightroom?

Lightroom provides the feature to assign keywords to your image.  In order to do that

  • Select the image you want to assign the keyword

  • Under the library option you will see keyword Panel

  • Inside the keyword panel you can enter the name you want to assign to selected photos

Explain how you can analyze the color tone in light room?

On the top right hand corner of the library there you can see a histogram. This histogram gives you a fair idea about your image appearance whether it is blown out or suave.

Explain how to take back-up of photographs in light room?

To take the back up of your photograph you have to

  • Go to Edit√†Catalog setting (windows) or Light room √† Catalog Setting (Mac)

  • Click the general tab

  • Look for the back-up section

  • Look for the back-up catalog menu and select every time lightroom exits

Where you will find the back-up in light room?

When you install lightroom, the program makes a folder “Lightroom”.  This folder contains

  • lightroom catalog

  • Files related to the catalog

  • A folder named Backups for Lightroom backups

With filter options in library what all things you can sort and search in lightroom?

With the use of filter options you can sort and search various options like

  • File type ( JPG, DNG, RAW etc.)

  • Lens Model

  • Camera Model

  • Lens focal length

  • Aperture, ISO

  • Keywords

  • Flash state

  • Flag status

  • Virtual copies and many more


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