Most Asked BPO Interview Questions and Answers

BPO Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

What are the different types of BPO’s?

BPOs are segmented into five different categories.

  • Administrative Department

  • Purchase Department

  • Selling Department

  • Call Centre

  • Back Office

Why companies Outsource?

  • It is cost saving

  • To focus on core activities

  • To get quality work done by the expertise in that domain

Why do you see BPO as your career?

BPO has always been a career choice for me as you are exposed to a new field, which gives you an opportunity to grow and develop your personality and communication skills.  The recent survey also tells the fast growth of this industry.

Why do you think you will do well in this job?

Give several reasons like experience, interest and skills.

What is a call centre?

Call center is a customer care center where calls are handled in large numbers.  There are two types of call centers, Inbound and Outbound.  An inbound call center is where calls are handled keeping the customer care in concern, and customer associate will only receive calls. While in outbound call center the calls are done by the associate for product inquires or sometimes sales related.

Where you see BPO in the current market?

In the current situation where many companies failed to survive in the market, BPO sector has achieved a milestone in an economic crisis. It helped to reduce the unemployment rate marginally in developing countries where some of the developed countries even failed to do that.

Can you use different software’s easily?

When you answer this question clarifies interviewer about your computer knowledge and your grip over software, so that they have a clear idea what training you might need further if you get selected.

Why do you want to work for our company?

This question is put in front of you by the interviewer to analyse how much you are aware of the companies work and how keen you are with the company projects.  When you answer this question, mention about the company’s creative business policies, aggressive market stance and the growth of the company.

Determine the type of BPO you wish to work?

Generally, they want to know your area of interest. Whether you like to work in a research driven or a voice based process.  There are many branches where BPO operates it could be a KPO (Knowledge process outsourcing) or even RPO (Research process outsourcing). So according the to the company’s requirement you can answer to it.


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