Most Asked Business Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers

Business Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

What is OLAP, MOLAP, ROLAP, DOLAP, HOLAP? Explain with Examples?

OLAP – On-Line Analytical Processing.

Designates a category of applications and technologies that allow the collection, storage, manipulation and reproduction of multidimensional data, with the goal of analysis.

MOLAP – Multidimensional OLAP.

This term designates a cartesian data structure more specifically. In effect, MOLAP contrasts with ROLAP. Inb the former, joins between tables are already suitable, which enhances performances. In the latter, joins are computed during the request.

Targeted at groups of users because it’s a shared environment. Data is stored in an exclusive server-based format. It performs more complex analysis of data.

DOLAP – Desktop OLAP.

Small OLAP products for local multidimensional analysis Desktop OLAP. There can be a mini multidimensional database (using Personal Express), or extraction of a datacube (using Business Objects).

Designed for low-end, single, departmental user. Data is stored in cubes on the desktop. It’s like having your own spreadsheet. Since the data is local, end users dont have to worry about performance hits against the server.

ROLAP – Relational OLAP.

Designates one or several star schemas stored in relational databases. This technology permits multidimensional analysis with data stored in relational databases.

Used for large departments or groups because it supports large amounts of data and users.

HOLAP:Hybridization of OLAP, which can include any of the above.

From where you Get the Logical Query of your Request?

The logical SQL generated by the server can be viewed in BI Answers. If I have not understood the question, Please raise your voice.

Name some of the standard Business Intelligence tools in the market.

Business intelligence tools are to report, analyze and present data. Few of the tools available in the market are:

• Eclipse BIRT Project:- Based on eclipse. Mainly used for web applications and it is open source.

• It is a free web based reporting tool.

• JasperSoft:- BI tool used for reporting, ETL etc.

• Pentaho:- Has data mining, dashboard and workflow capabilities.

• Openl:- A web application used for OLAP reporting.

Why an infocube has maximum of 16 dimensions?

It depends upon the Database limits provided to define the Foreign key constraint, e.g. in Sql Server 2005, the recommended max limit for foreign keys is 253, but you can define more.

Major Challenges You Faced While Creating the RPD?

Every now and then there are problems with the database connections but the problem while creating the repository RPD files comes with complex schemas made on OLTP systems consisting of lot of joins and checking the results. Th type of join made need to be checked. By default it is inner join but sometimes the requirement demands other types of joins. There are lot of problems with the date formats also.

Explain the Dashboard in the business intelligence.

A dashboard in business intelligence allows huge data and reports to be read in a single graphical interface. They help in making faster decisions by replying on measurable data seen at a glance. They can also be used to get into details of this data to analyze the root cause of any business performance. It represents the business data and business state at a high level. Dashboards can also be used for cost control. Example of need of a dashboard: Banks run thousands of ATM’s. They need to know how much cash is deposited, how much is left etc.

What is BAS? What is the function?

Business Application Support (BAS) functional area at SLAC provides administrative computing services to the Business Services Division and Human Resources Department. We are responsible for software development and maintenance of the PeopleSoft? Applications and consultation to customers with their computer-related tasks.

What are Global Filter and how they differ From Column Filter?

Column filter- simply a filter applied on a column which we can use to restrict our column values while pulling the data or in charts to see the related content.

Global filter- Not sure. I understand this filter will have impact on across the application but I really don’t understand where and how it can be user. I heard of global variables but not global filters.

Explain the SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence components.

• SQL Server Integration Services:- Used for data transformation and creation. Used in data acquisition form a source system.

• SQL Server Analysis Services: Allows data discovery using data mining. Using business logic it supports data enhancement.

• SQL Server Reporting Services:- Used for Data presentation and distribution access.

Name some of the standard Business Intelligence tools in the Market?

Some of the standard Business Intelligence tools in the market According to their performance






  • Seagate Crystal report

  • SAS

  • Business objects

  • Microstrategy

  • Cognos

  • Microsoft OLAP

  • Hyperion

  • Microsoft integrated services


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