Most Asked Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

Mention the types of customer service field?

  • By phone

  • Public relationship

  • Face to face

What is your typing skill?

This question means how many words you can type in a minute. If you know the number you can mention it but if you don’t know than just tell them that I have a good hand on it.

Can you handle multiple calls at the same time?

If you have an experience of handling multiple calls, then tell them you can handle. In case you don’t have experience tell them on given training I could handle multiple calls with ease.

Are you comfortable with night shifts?

This is a question often asked for call center jobs, there are many multi-national companies that outsource their work to other countries. Such companies demand for night shifts as their working hours might be our sleeping hours. So always ready with positive answer for this question.

How you rate yourself on communication skills?

Call center always look for an employee with good communication skills, and you can rate  yourself near 8-9 out of 10.

What is the key to get success in a call center?

The call center is all about providing quality service to customer. If you are good at handling customer well and offering a good service then you can be successful in call center.

While talking to customer, what are the procedures you follow?

  • Greet Customer

  • Introduce yourself to customer

  • Ask customer how you can be helpful to him/her

  • Listen to the customer patiently

  • Try to help the customer with best possible solution

  • Cross check the customer if he/she is satisfied with the solution

  • Make sure whether customer need any further assistance

Do you enjoy working in a team?

Any work in an organization requires a team work. So, answer to this question should be always positive.

What is virtual call center?

Virtual call center provides a technology or software service, through which the customer associate or agent can connect to their customer from anywhere. This technology involves host server and the equipments to run the call center. This service is rendered on monthly or annual subscription. Agents can connect to the host server and can get access to the customer data. The benefit of virtual call center is that you can work from home.

Do you like multi-tasking task or you prefer to tackle one problem at a time?

Depending on the situation, I could do multi-tasking as well and could tackle one problem at a time. But multi-tasking always have an upper hand because it increase your efficiency for solving and tackling problem.

What if the customer is not happy with your answer or solution?

If the customer is not happy with the answer or solution, then I will ask customer to hold the line and pass on the call to supervisor or a team leader.

To improve customer service what will be your approach?

To improve customer service, my approach would be to take feedbacks from the customer and ask them how we can improve more to help them solve their problem and render them a good service.

What will you do in a situation where system shuts down and you still handling customer on the phone?

In the middle of handling phone, if the system crashes then I will ask the customer to hold for some time till  I get a power back up and if not then try to resolve his/her problem with my knowledge. The best thing in such situation is to ask the customer to call back or note his contact details so you can call once the system is back.


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