Most Asked CICS Interview Questions and Answers

CICS Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

What is transient data?

Transient data provides 
CICS program with a simple method for sequential processing, often used to produce output for 3270 printers

When you compile a CICS program, the (pre) compiler puts an extra chunk of code. Where does it get included and that is it called? What is its length?


What is the difference between the XCTL and LINK commands?

The LINK command anticipates return of control to the calling program, the XCTL command does not. RETURN to the calling program will be the result of the CICS RETURN command, specifying TRANSID (name of the calling program)

What is Journal Recovery and Dynamic Transaction Backout?

Journal Recovery is recovery of changes made to a file during online processing. If a file has I/O problems it is restored from a backup taken before online processing began and the journalled changes are applied. Dynamic transaction backout is the removal of partial changes made by a failed transaction.

What is MDT? What are FSET, FRSET?

MDT: Bit in the attribute byte indicating modification of field on screen. Happens on an input operation.

FSET: Sets MDT on to ensure field is transmitted. Happens on an output operation

FRSET: Reset MDT. Until this happens, field continues to be sent.

How would you resolve an ASRA abend?

In COBOL II start with CEBR, and get the offset/instruction.

What is the attribute byte?

Defines the display/transmission of field. Most cases is an output field from the program.

What does EIB mean?

The EIB is the EXECUTIVE INTERFACE BLOCK. It is not the EXECUTE INTERFACE BLOCK. All TP monitors or transaction processor are know as EXECUTIVEs as they carry out process on behalf of a program module. CICS and DB2 are executives.

What is the difference between physical map and symbolic map?

The physical map is the load module and the symbolic map is the data structure.

What is the usage of language in the PPT entry?

Language interface and call parameters


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