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Describe the JOB statement, its meaning, syntax and significant keywords.?

The JOB statement is the first in a JCL stream Its format is // jobname, keyword JOB, accounting information in brackets and keywords, MSGCLASS, MSGLEVEL, NOTIFIY, CLASS, etc .

How do you access a file that had a disposition of KEEP?

Need to supply volume serial no. VOL=SER=xxxx.

What are SD37, SB37, SE37 abends?

All indicate dataset out of space. SD37 – no secondary allocation was specified. SB37 – end of vol. and no further volumes specified. SE37 – Max. of 16 extents already allocated.

How do you run a COBOL batch program from a JCL? How do you run a COBOL/DB2 program?

To run a non DB2 program,


To run a DB2 program,





PLAN(…..) LIB(….) PARMS(…)


Describe the EXEC statement, its meaning, syntax and keywords.?

The EXEC statement identifies the program to be executed via a PGM=program name keyword Its format is //jobname EXEC PGM=program name The PARM= keyword can be used to pass external values to the executing program.

What does a disposition of (MOD,DELETE,DELETE) mean?

The MOD will cause the dataset to be created (if it does not exist), and then the two DELETEs will cause the dataset to be deleted whether the step abends or not. This disposition is used to clear out a dataset at the beginning of a job.

What is S322 abend?

Indicates a time out abend. Your program has taken more CPU time than the default limit for the job class. Could indicate an infinite loop.

What is STEPLIB, JOBLIB? What is it used for?

Specifies that the private library (or libraries) specified should be searched before the default system libraries in order to locate a program to be executed.

STEPLIB applies only to the particular step, JOBLIB to all steps in the job.

Describe the DD statement, its meaning, syntax and keywords.?

The DD statement links the external Data Set name (DSN) to the DDNAME coded within the executing program It links the File names within the program code to the File names know to the MVS operating system The syntax is // ddname DD DSN=Data Set name Other keywords after DSN are DISP, DCB, SPACE, etc .

What is the DD statement for a output file?

Unless allocated earlier, will have the foll parameters: DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE), UNIT , SPACE & DCB .

Why do you want to specify the REGION parameter in a JCL step?

To override the REGION defined at the JOB card level.
REGION specifies the max region size. REGION=0K or 0M or omitting REGION means no limit will be applied.

What is order of searching of the libraries in a JCL?

First any private libraries as specified in the STEPLIB or JOBLIB, then the system libraries such as SYS1.LINKLIB. The system libraries are specified in the linklist.

What is a PROC?What is the difference between an instream and a catalogued PROC?

PROC stands for procedure It is ‘canned’ JCL invoked by a PROC statement An instream PROC is presented within the JCL; a catalogued PROC is referenced from a proclib partitioned Data Set.

What do you do if you do not want to keep all the space allocated to a dataset?

Specify the parameter RLSE ( release ) in the SPACE e.g. SPACE=(CYL,(50,50),RLSE)


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