Most Asked LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers

LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

what is LoadRunner.

LoadRunner accurately measure and analysis the system performance and its functionality.

what is scenario default.

Instruct the vuser to use the WinRunner configuration file.

What is vuser script?

While run a scenarion every vuser execute a script that script known as vuser script .

how many types of vuser are available.

There are several type of vuser(GUI ,Database ,RTE(terminal emulator), SAP, DCOME, People soft, java, Baan)

how you enhance the basic script.

By adding control-flow, structure, by inserting transaction point and rendezvous point, adding functions

When LoadRunner is used.

When multiple users work concurrently.

What are the user components in LoadRunner?

ApplicationComponents used are client, database or additionally business application server.)

Web Server works on and through LAN,WAN,or www connection.

Application Server components are client, business server and database server without use of www.but through Protocols like FTP.

what is LoadRunner Agent.

Agent is interface between host machine and controller.

What is report viewer?

Each report viewer contain the report header and report viewer tool bar.

what is transaction per second graph(pass).

It display the number of complited , successful transaction perform during each second of scenario run.

how you load a LoadRunner Agent.

Controller instruct the remote command luncher to lunch the Agent .

when the LoadRunner controller open the WinRunner file then what is the location of the winner configuration file.


What can I monitor with LoadRunner?

Monitor system bottlenecks during a test run and capture and display the performance data from every server or component.

What is LoadRunner API function.

Data base vuser do not operate client application. Using LoadRunner API function the database vuser can access the data from the server.

what is running virtual user graph.

It displays the number of the vuser that execute vuser script during each second of the scenario run. Only running and rendez state are include.(loading, ready and pause are not displayed).

what is transaction performance graph.

Display the average time taken to perform transaction during each second of the scenario run.

during run time where the hosts saves the files.

In temporally in the local drive of each host.

how you set maximum number of vuser that a host can run.

We can modify the maximum number of vuser according to the (available resource , the needs of your scenario, LoadRunner license agreements).

When the rendezvous point is insert.

When multiple vuser to perform tasks at exactly the same time then insert the rendezvous point to emulate the peak load on the server.

What do I need to know to do load testing in addition to knowing how to use the LoadRunner tool?

In addition to knowing the tool :

– Management aspects of Load Testing, Planning being paramount

– Requirements gathering, Profile/Mix, SLA, Acceptance Criteria….

– an general understanding of the protocol you are working with, developers can be unhelpful

– a basic understanding of C programming

– know that you WILL be working with diminishing timescales and you are really at the END of the lifecycle

– as a result of the above you may have to work unsociable hours including weekends

– Managers and other “Power that be” – “Box tickers” will not understand your plight

– You need to be able to communicate effectively at all levels with different departments from Business to Dev to Sys Test

– voice your problems as soon as possible – Planning Planning

– Fail to Plan – Plan to FAIL

What is LoadRunner controller?

Controller is manage and maintain the scenario. using controller you control all the vuser in single work station .

what is run-time-setting.

Run-time-setting include loop.log and timing information.

What is transaction?

Transaction measure the time, which takes for the server to respond to task submitted by the vuser.

how many section database vuser script have.

3 section ,written in code that assemble in C, SQL call to the database, written in TSL(test script language).

LoadRunner Function – How to get current system time

This function is developed to use in Mercury LoadRunner peformance tool. This main use of this functions to return the current system time at any given point of time while LoadRunner script is running.This function can be used to report transaction times , script start time and end time.

long get_secs_since_midnight(void)


char * curr_hr; /* pointer to a parameter with current clock hr */

char * curr_min; /* pointer to a parameter with current clock min*/

char * curr_sec; /* pointer to a parameter with current clock sec */

long current_time, /* current number of seconds since midnight */

hr_secs, /* current hour converted to secs */

min_secs, /* current minutes converted to secs */

secs_secs; /* current number of seconds */

curr_hr = lr_eval_string(“{current_hr}>”);

curr_min = lr_eval_string(“{current_min}”);

curr_sec = lr_eval_string(“{current_sec}”);

hr_secs = (atoi(curr_hr)) * 60 * 60;

min_secs = (atoi(curr_min)) * 60;

secs_secs = atoi(curr_sec);

current_time = hr_secs + min_secs + secs_secs;



when you initialize the vuser what happen.

The vuser status change from DOWN to PENDING to INITILIZAING to READY. If vuser fails to initialize , the vuser status changes to ERROR.

what do you mean by creating vuser script.

Creating vuser script for emulate the action that virtual user Perform during the scenario execution.


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