Most Asked Quality Center Interview Questions and Answers

Quality Center Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

What is a Test Plan Tree?

The Test Plan tree is a branching structure that allows you to organize Your entire test plan visually.

What are the benefits of a test plan tree?

-Visually organize your tests
-Use different criteria for groups of tests
-object controls
-business tasks
-Insert Placeholders where needed
-Testing can start before all tests are created while keeping the plan orderly.

Why limit access to a Quality Center project?

You can enhance project security by assigning access privileges to all users.

What are Test Requirements?

Test Requirements refer to objectives or conditions that must be satisfied during testing

What are the categories of test requirements?

-Business Requirements->High-Level objectives of the customer requesting the product
-User requirements->Describe tasks the user must be able to accomplish with the product.
->Tasks captured in use cases or scenario descriptions.
-functional requirements->documented in a software requirements specification (SRS)
->Define the application’s software functionality to enable users to accomplish their tasks.

How do u check which tests are linked to a specific requirement?

Coverage View is used to check which tests are linked to a specific requirement.
Use this view to find untested requirements.

What does document view show?

document view displays columns for all requirements.

How do you customize requirements tree?

Open the “select columns” dialog to customize the requirements tree

What is an automated test?

An automated test is a recorded script of user actions that is played back on an application to verify correct functionality.

Can you use QC for automation?

Yes. QC integrates with WinRunner which is a testing tool that enables you to create and playback automated tests.

What are the 2 ways of adding automated tests?

-Save a WR test to a Quality Center project.

-Convert a manual test to an automated one.

What is the importance of connecting a test case to test requirements?

-to see if all the requirements are covered.

-to map a test case associated with its requirements.

What are the types of graphs and reports in QC?

Progress graphs are available for all tables.

Summary graphs are available for all tables.

Test lab has additional graphs

-cross test set progress

-cross test set summary

Defects table also has Age graphs


-standard reports

-Document generator


-full reports


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