Most Asked XML Interview Questions and Answers

XML Interview Questions and Answers most commonly asked for Experienced PDF, Freshers candidates for Employment.

Can I execute a XML?

No, we cannot execute XML, and it is not a programming language to execute. It is just a markup language to represent the data.

Why XML editor is needed instead of Notepad?

XML editors are required to write error free XML documents, and it is used to validate against DTD or schema. Editors are able to check:

• Open and Close Tags

• XML against DTD

• XML against Schema

• Color code on XML Syntax

What is DiffGram in XML?

A DiffGram is an XML format which is used to find current and original versions of XML document.

What are the basic rules while writing XML?

These are the basic rules while writing XML:

• All XML should have a root element

• All tags should be closed

• XML tags are case sensitive

• All tags should be nested properly

• Tag names cannot contain spaces

• Attribute value should appear within quotes

• White space is preserved

What are the special characters used in XML?

<, > and & are the special characters used in XML. Because these characters are used for making tags.

What is XML Encoding?

XML documents may contain Non-ASCII characters like French and Norwegian characters. XML Encoding is used to avoid errors and XML files have to be saved as Unicode.

What is SAX?

SAX is an interface processing XML documents using events

What is XML Element?

An XML document contains XML Elements, and it starts from an element’s start tag to end tag. It can contain:

• Other elements within main element

• An Attribute

• text

What software is available for XML?

There are thousands of programs available for XML and updated list will be present in

Which XML is set to be valid XML?

When the XML file is validated against the Document Type Definition(DTD), then it is called valid XML. DTD is nothing but it defines the structure of an XML file.

What is CDATA?

CDATA is unparsed character data that cannot be parsed by the XML parser. Character < and > are illegal in XML elements. CDATA section starts with <![CDATA[“ and end with “]]>”.

Whether graphics can be used in XML? If so, How?

Yes, Graphics can be included in XML by using XLink and XPointer specifications. It supports graphic file formats like GIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, CGM, EPS and SVG.












What is Simple Element?

A simple element contain only text and following are the kinds of Simple Element:

  • No attributes

  • Doesn’t contain other elements

  • It cannot be empty

What is a markup language?

Markup languages are designed for presentation of text in different formats, and it can also be used for transporting and storing data. This markup language specifies the code for formatting, layout and style of data .This markup code is called Tag.

HTML and XML are examples of Markup Language.

How comment can be represented in XML?

Comment can be represented as <!- – comments – -> as like HTML. This comment symbol is applicable for single or multiple lines.


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