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How do u Conditional Format.?

while creating a chat in BI Answers, you can define the conditions and can apply colour formatting.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a process for increasing the competitive advantage of a business by intelligent use of available data in decision making.

The five key stages of Business Intelligence:

  • Data Sourcing

  • Data Analysis

  • Situation Awareness

  • Risk Assessment

  • Decision Support

What is hierarchy relationship in a dimension.

Whether it is:

1. 1:1

2. 1:m

3. m:m

4. 1:M

What is Guided Navigation?

I think it is just the arrangement of hyperlinks to guide the user to navigate between the reports to do the analysis.

What is a Universe in Business Intelligence?

A “universe” is a “Business object” terminology. Business objects also happens to be the name of the company. The universe is the interfacing layer between the client and the datawarehouse . The universe defines the relationship among the various tables in the datawarehouse.


Universe is a semantic layer between the database and the user interface (reports).

How to connect GDE to Co Operating system in Abinitio?

We can connect AbInitio GDE with Co>operating system using Run->Settings.In there u can specify the host IP address and the connection type .Refer AbInitio help for further details.

How the users Created Differs From RPD/Answers/Dashboards Level?

RPD users can do administrator tasks like adding new data source, create hierarchies, change column names where as Answers users may create new charts, edit those charts and Dashboard users may only view and analyse the dashboard or can edit dashboard by adding/removing charts objects.

What is OLAP in Business Intelligence?

Online Analytical Processing, a category of software tools that provides analysis of data stored in a database. OLAP tools enable users to analyze different dimensions of multidimensional data. For example, it provides time series and trend analysis views. The chief component of OLAP is the OLAP server, which sits between a client and a database management systems (DBMS). The OLAP server understands how data is organized in the database and has special functions analyzing the data.

A good OLAP interface has writes an efficient sql and reads an accurate data from db. To design and architect having good knowledge on DB understanding the report requirements.

Explain the Name of some standard Business Intelligence tools in the market?

Some of the standard Business Intelligence tools in the market According to there performance





Online/Offline Mode how it Impact in Dev and Deployment?

Online Mode- You can make changes in the RPD file and push in changes which will be immediately visible to the users who are already connected. This feature we may use in production environment.

Offline mode- can be useful in test or development environment.

What are the various modules in Business Objects product?

  • Business Objects Reporter

  • Reporting & Analyzing tool

  • Designer

  • Universe creation

  • database interaction

  • connectivity

Supervisor – For Administrative purposes

Webintelligence – Access of report data through internet

BroadCast Agent – For scheduling the reports

Data Integrator – The ETL tool of Business Objects, designed to handle huge amounts of data.

What are the various modules in Business Objects product Suite?


Supervisor is the control center for the administration and security of your entire BusinessObjects deployment.


Designer is the tool used to create, manage and distribute universe for BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence Users. A universe is a file that contains connection parameters for one or more database middleware and SQL structure called objects that map to actual SQL structure in the database as columns,tables and database.

BusinessObjects Full client Reporting tool:

Helps to create business objects reports based on the universe and also from the other data sources.

BusinessObjects Thin client Reporting tool:

Helps to query and analysis on the universe and also share the report among other users. It doesn’t require any software, just need a web browser and the system connected to the business objetcs server.


Tool is used for monitor and analysis user and system activity.

Application Foundation:

This module covers a set of products which is used for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The tools are

  • Dashboard manager

  • Scorecard

  • Performance Management Applications

Explain the concepts and capabilities of Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence helps to manage data by applying different skills, technologies, security and quality risks. This also helps in achieving a better understanding of data.Business intelligence can be considered as the collective information. It helps in making predictions of business operations using gathered data in a warehouse. Business intelligence application helps to tackle sales, financial, production etc business data. It helps in a better decision making and can be also considered as a decision support system.


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