TOP Drupal Interview Questions and Answers

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List out the SEO modules available in Drupal?

Some of the SEO modules available in Drupal are

  • Pathauto

  • Meta tags/ Node words

  • Service Links

  • Google Analytics

  • Related Links

  • Search 404

  • Site map

  • Url list

What is Drupal weight?

The term Drupal weight is used to describe the priority or order in which the function is processed, or block/ node is displayed.

What is Drupal cron?

To execute commands or scripts automatically at specified time and date intervals, you have to use Drupal cron.

Why Drupal needs database? What databases are supported?

Drupal stores its information in the database like individual pages, registered users and so on.  For your Drupal site, database forms the back end; it supports MySQL /MariaDB, PostgreSQL and in Drupal 7, SQLite.

What is render array in Drupal?

For Drupal content render arrays are the basic building blocks.  In Drupal, render arrays provide you a structured way to programmatically change the content before it is displayed.

What is the use of Ctools in Drupal?

This suite is a set of APIs and tools, and it makes easier to handle AJAX requests and tell the client what to do with them.

What are the files required for theme and module?

Drupal uses .info files to store metadata about themes and modules.

The files required for

  • Theme: style.css , page.tpl.php , template.php, block.tpl.php

  • Module: , modulename.module , optional modulename.install

Explain using module how you can drop the table?

To drop the table you can use db_drop_table in install file.

What are the translations available in Drupal?

Drupal is translated into all popular languages including

  • Catalan

  • French

  • Hungarian

  • Dutch

Does Drupal provides support?

Like with all open-source projects there is no commercial support available. Though, there is a vast online community for Drupal available via Forums and IRC online chat who are more than eager to answer your queries.


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