TOP Joomla Interview Questions and Answers

Read Latest Joomla Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers, 2+ Years Experienced Q and A with Explanation PDF.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system. It allows you to build online applications and web sites. Joomla is an open source and available freely.

What are mambots and mention their categories?

In Joomla mambots are mini-programmes or plugins, which performs programs like modifying content before display, extending the site search, adding core functionality and so on

  • Content

  • Editors

  • Editors-xtd

  • Search

  • System

List out the benefits of using Joomla?

Benefits of Joomla is

  • It is an open source software

  • Tons of free components are available in

  • Permission and user role are inbuilt with Joomla

  • It allows to update your old Joomla from the admin section

  • Templates are available free of cost and can apply with one click

What is the position in Joomla?

A site template divides the page into a number of positions like nav, header, footer, top, bottom, module1, etc.  This is nothing but position.

What are Joomla Modules?

Modules are small content items which can be displayed anywhere in websites by assigning positions in the template.

Where can you see the use of Joomla frequently?

Joomla is frequently seen in

  • Corporate web sites or portals

  • Corporate intranets and extranets

  • Online magazines, newspapers and publications

  • Non-profit organizational web sites

  • Community-based portals

  • Personal or family homepages

Explain how you change favicon?

By accessing global configuration site tab, you can manage favicon and upload a new favicon from there.

What are components in Joomla?

Components are core elements of Joomla’s functionality.  These core elements include content, banners, contact, polls, news feed and web links

What is the difference between Drupal and Joomla?

                      Joomla                               Drupal
– Joomla uses plugin and modules – Drupal has a module only
– In order to support php code in Joomla, you need to install plugin – You can directly write PHP code in Drupal
– Relatively lower technical learning curve – Relatively higher technical learning curve
– Joomla uses Less and BootStrap. – Drupal use smarty template

By default what is the prefix Joomla have?

Joomla have prefix like jos_

What are the advanced features or add-ons in Joomla that can be useful for the developer?

Joomla framework enables developer to build quickly and easily

  • Inventory control systems

  • Data reporting tools

  • Application bridges

  • Custom product catalogs

  • Integrated e-commerce systems

  • Complex business directories

  • Reservation systems

  • Communication tools


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