TOP jQuery Interview Questions and Answers

Read Latest jQuery Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers, 2+ Years Experienced Q and A with Explanation PDF.

Where can we download JQuery?

jQuery javascript can be downloaded from jQuery official website –

Is jQuery is a replacement of JavaScript?

No, jQuery is not a replacement of JavaScript.

What is called chaining?

Chaining is used to connect multiple events and functions in a selector.

What are the advantages of jQuery?

Following are the advantages of jQuery:

  • Just a JavaScript enhancement

  • Coding is simple, clear, reusable

  • Removal of writing more complex conditions and loops

Whether C# code behind can be called from jQuery?

Yes, we can call C# code behind from jQuery.

What is the use of method?

jQuery data method is used to associate data with DOM nodes and JavaScript objects. This method will make a code very concise and neat.

What is the difference between onload() and document.ready()?

In a page, we can have only one onload function but we can have more than one document.ready function. Document.ready function is called when DOM is loaded but onload function is called when DOM and images are loaded on the page.

What is the use of jQuery each function?

jQuery each function is used to loop through each and every element of the target jQuery object. It is also useful for multi element DOM, looping arrays and object properties.

How method can be called inside code behind using jQuery?

$.ajax can be called and by declaring WebMethod inside code behind using jQuery.

Which is the fastest selector in jQuery?

ID and Element are the fastest selectors in jQuery

What is the slowest selector in jQuery?

Class selectors are the slowest selectors in jQuery.

Where jQuery code is getting executed?

jQuery code is getting executed on a client browser.

What is the method used to define the specific character in place of $ sign?

‘NoConflict’ method is used to reference a jQuery and save it in a variable. That variable can be used instead of Sign.

Why jQuery is better than JavaScript?

jQuery is a library used for developing Ajax application and it helps to write the code clean and concise. It also handles events, animation and Ajax support applications.

What are the types of selectors in jQuery?

There are three types of selectors in jQuery:

  • CSS Selector

  • XPath Selector

  • Custom Selector


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