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What are all the types of correlation?

Manual & Automatic Co-relation

Manual correlation – Correlation is used to obtain data which are unique for each run of the script and which are generated by nested queries.

Automatic correlation is where we set some rules for correlation. It can be application server specific. Here values are replaced by data, which are created by these rules.

where you insert the rendezvous point.

Rendezvous point insert in to the script to calculate the peak load of the server. Syntax. lr-rendezvous(“rendezvous name”).

what do you mean by initialization of quota.

Capabilities of the host that at a time how many vuser Are initialize .

what is local configuration file.

Instruct the vuser to use hosts WinRunner configuration file.

what is scenario wizard.

Through scenario wizard we can create a new scenario.

How many users can I emulate with LoadRunner on a PC?

Unlimited, No dead end.,

Depends on system response. That too in turn depends on various factors like entire system configuration etc. If system bottle necks observes in very beginning or minimum no of users no further addition of users will be considered unless observed bottleneck is resolved.

what is vuser-end section.

Record a log off in to the server (vuser stoped).

what are the 5 icons appear in the buttom of the controller windows.

1-host windows(list of machine).

2-script windows(list of all the vuser script)

3-rendezvous windows.

4-transaction windows(display all the transaction) .

5-output window( display error and notification message).

why we insert the rendezvous point while running the scenario.

If a multiple vuser to perform a tasks at exactly the same time.

what do you mean by path.

Use WinRunner configuration file that is in a specific location on the network.

what is LR-function.

obtain the information about vuser running in a scenario .

What is scenario?

A scenario defines the events that occur during is testing session. Exam (deposit cash, withdraw money…).

how to create a host list for a scenario.

1-install remote command luncher on every machine.

2-add the name of the host to the host lists.

3-set attributes for each host.

4-select which hosts will take part in the scenario.

what is vuser-init section.

Record a log in to the server(vuser initialize loaded).

what are the element in the LoadRunner controller.

Title bar(name of the scenarion presently working). Menu bar(selecting the various command). Tool bar. Status bar.

what do you mean by Remote Command Launcher(RCL).

Rcl enables the controller to start the application on the Host machine .

what is MS-windows.

WinRunner used for MS-Window application .

what is script list.

It contain all the vuser script that vuser can run.

how to create a scenario?

We have to install LoadRunner controller to the host . Then we include list of host(where vuser script execute) then list of vuser script (where vuser run) and then list of vuser that run during the scenario.

what is X-Windows.

X-runner and VX-runner for X-Windows application.

what are the information contain by script windows for each script in the list.

1-name of the vuser script .

2-the type of the vuser.

3-the location(path).

4-command line option.

what in percentile graph.

The percentage of transaction that were performed within a given time range.

what is pause command.

It changes the status of the vuser from RUNNING TO PAUSE.

what is stand-alone mode.

To verify that the script runs correctly.

How to modify the script.

Using vuser script information dialog box.

What protocols does LoadRunner support?

Industry standard protocols for example HTTP and ODBC are explicitly supported by LoadRunner. Furthermore any protocol that communicates over a windows socket can be supported.

what are the information crating for each host.

1-the status of the host.

2-the platform type of the host(windows/unix).

3-details of the scenario.

what is .lrs.

LoadRunner save the information in a scenario files.

what is planning for the test.

Define the performance testing requirements for example no. of concurrent users, typical business processes and required response time.


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