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How you can copy slide master from one presentation to another in PowerPoint 2013?

  • Open both the presentation which you want to copy and where you want to copy

  • In the presentation that contains the slide master that you want to copy on the view tab and click Slide Master

  • In the slide thumbnail panel, right click the slide master and then click Copy

  • On the View tab , click Slide Master.

  • In the thumbnail panel, right click the slide master and then do one

  • Click Close Master View on the Slider Master tab once done

How you can rehearse the slide show timing in PowerPoint 2013?

To set or rehearse the slide show

  • Select the Slide Show tab and then locate the Set Up group

  • Click the Rehearse Timing icon on ribbon and it will take you to the full screen of your presentation

  •  You can start rehearsing your PowerPoint presentation, and your presentation timing will be noted down by rehearsing time

  • Click on next arrow on the Recording Toolbar to move to the next slide

  • At the end of your presentation, PowerPoint will close the full screen view and give the total timing for the presentation at the end.

Can we make PowerPoint slides into PDF files in PowerPoint 2013?

To convert PowerPoint slides into PDF files select

  • File à Export à Create PDF/XPS document.  Click the create PDF/XPS button

How to change effect’s start option?

To change the effect’s start option,

  • From the animation pane, select an effect. A drop down arrow will appear next to the effect

  • Click the drop down arrow, there will be three option that will appear

Start on Click: It will start the effect when mouse is clicked

Start with Previous: It will start the effect at the same time as the previous

Start after Previous: It will start the effect when the previous effects ends

How someone can check compatibility check when you share PowerPoint 2013 slide to previous or older version?

When you share or send PowerPoint slide 2013 to an older version and want to check compatibility test, Go to File à Info à Check for issues à Check Compatibility.  The tool tells you which new features are not compatible with older versions.

How you can embed a chart from Excel to PowerPoint?

To embed a chart from excel to PowerPoint,

  • Go to Insert tab

  • In the Text group click the Object command

  • A dialog box will pop up, select Create from file and then click on Browse

  • Select your Excel file and then click on Insert

  • Check the box next to Link to file if you would like to link the data to the Excel chart. This will update your chart automatically whenever the changes are made to the excel chart

  • Click OK and the chart will appear in presentation

How you can add services in PowerPoint 2013?

To add services in PowerPoint 2013,

  • Select Account option from the file menu

  • A account window will open and you will find a Connected Services section

  • You will see in this section that the list of services is added for PowerPoint

  • With-in Add a service drop down menu, you will find options like Images & Videos ( Flickr, Youtube) , Storage ( 365 Sharepoint, Onedrive)  and Sharing (Facebook, Twitter)

  • Once you click the Connect button, it will ask for your mail address and once connected to service click on Done button

How you can record a slide show?

Record a slide show option is similar to rehearse time function but more comprehensive, you can include narration for your presentation by using record a slide show

  • In main menu, click the Slide Show tab and locate the Set Up group

  • Click the Record Slide Show from the drop down.

  • Now can select either of the option Start recording from beginning or Start recording from current slide

  • A checkbox will appear asking “slide and animation timing” and “Narration and laser points”. If you have checkbox the option click on Start Recording

  • When you finish recording first slide you can move to record next slide by clicking on next button on the Recording Toolbar in the top left corner or use the right arrow key

How you can convert text to shapes in PowerPoint 2013?

To convert text into shapes

  • On your slide insert a text box and type some text

  • Select the text box on a slide

  • Insert a shape that overlaps your text box in a way that covers it completely

  • Once the rectangle shape is placed, re-order the rectangle shape by sending it behind the existing text box

  • Select the text box first and then select the rectangle shape, after that access the Drawing Tools Format and click the Merge Shapes button

  • Under Merge Shapes drop down gallery, click on Intersect option

  • It will convert text into shapes

  • To ensure the text is converted into shape, right click on the text and a context menu will appear, you will see the edit point option

  • If no edit points option is available, it means your text has not been converted into a shape

  • When you click on Edit Points option, you will see all the edit points on text

How you can set password in PowerPoint 2013?

To set a password in power point

  • Go to File > Click on Info

  • Click on protect presentation

  • Under which there is an option, “Encrypt with Password” , click on it

  • Hit “OK” once you enter the password

  • Now it will again ask to Re-enter the password

  • OK Exit

How to use PowerPoint 2013 Slide Zoom Feature?

To use PowerPoint 2013 Slide Zoom,

  • Beneath the main slide, click on the magnifying glass icon in Presenter View

  • Hover around the area of the slide you want to magnify

  • Click and drag the hand tool over the slide to move the slide around while still zoomed in

  • To zoom back out click the magnifying glass icon


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