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What commands are valid in BS mode?


Does Application Messaging work between 8.lxand 8.4 applications?

Application Messaging is used by PeopleSoft applications to communicate with one another. This is true not just for 8.1 x and 8.4 applications, but also between an 8,1 x and an 8.4 application. For example, the FIRMS 8.3 applications, which are based on PeopleTools 8.15, can communicate with Financials 8.4applications, which are based on PeopleTools 8.4, using Application Messaging. If specific SSUeS materialize relating to the Application Messages published by certain applications, these new messages will be made available to customers.

Both BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere have the ability to plug into many different web servers. Does PeopleSoft support the web servers that they plug into?

BEA and IBM provide plug-ins for many of the leading web servers. This allows the customer to use their on HTTP web server and Web Logic’s or Web Sphere’s Java servlet engine. PeopleSoft uses this plug-in capability to support IIS. We have no reason to believe that there will be any issues with other web servers. That WebLogic or WebSphere are able to work with through their plug-in architecture, but PeopleSoft GSC will not support these other web servers with PeopleTools 8.4.

Are there advantages or disadvantages to using BFA WebLogic over IBM WebSphere or vice versa?

No. Both products are certified with PTA as of version 8.4 and work equally well. By offering both BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere, we give our customers more choices and flexibility to run PeopleSoft in their preferred environment.

Will the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, now that it embeds BEA Web Logic and IBM WebSphere, work with other corporate web servers and tools?

One of the core values of the PeopleTools development group is investment protection. The time, money, and resources that you may have already invested in
1) Licensing another web server
2) Training developers and administrators
3) Building and deploying other web applications will not be compromised by this decision.
program can be found in the whitepaper The IBM WebSphere 8.1 x Early Adopter Program.

Why did PeopleSoft bundle IBM WebSphere Advanced Single Server Edition rather than Advanced Edition?

The Advanced Single Server Edition (AEs) of WebSphere provides the same core J2EE and Web Services programming model as the Advanced Edition (AE) with simplified administration. In the AE version, WebSphere uses DB2 or other standard database to keep the configuration and runtime information to support very large farm of WebSphere servers. However, it is one more database to install, administer, and maintain.
The AEs version does not use the database and uses file based configuration in a way that is similar to BEA WebLogic. PeopleSoft and IBM WebSphere architects determined that AEs version would satisfy the deployment requirements of PeopleSoft customers and would make it easy for owning and administering PeopleSoft Applications based on WebSphere.

For the servlet layer on the web server, what version of the Java Servlet API are the PIA Java Servlets coded to vith PeopleTools 8.4?

The PIA Java servlets in PeopleTools 8.4 are coded to JavaSoft”™s Java Servlet API 2.0 and are fully compatible with Servlet APT 2.2. It should be noted that the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture is supported only on the BEA WebLogic and WebSphere serviet engines.

How does the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal work with 8.lx and 8.4 applications?

There are several scenarios that, may exist when customers use the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal with a mixture of 8. lx and 8.4 applications. Specific information on the use of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal in a blended environment will be available in a forthcoming white paper, which will be available on Customer Connection. In general, the recommendation is to use the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.4with 8. lx and 8.4 applications, rather than an older version.

Can a PeopleTools 8.4 and a PeopleTools 8.lx database run on the same machine?

Yes, databases can co-exist on the same physical machine. In most cases, the databases themselves can exist within the same RDBMS; however, it is important to verify that the database version required by PeopleTools 8.4 is the same as for the current PeopleTools 8.1 x implementation.

What are the various steps that describe the peoplecode logic while implementing a Component Interface?

1. Establish a user session
2. Get the Component Interface
3. Populate the Create Keys
4. Create an Instance of the CI
5. Populate the required fields
6. Save the CI

The Trace tab in Configuration Manager only traces Windows client (two-tier) interactions. True or False


How do you delete a file using sqr?


What are the different ways to run AE, SQR? (Command, process scheduler)

2-tier, 4-tier, process scheduler

What is the difference between sql statements and metasql statements?

SQL statements are Database specific whereas meta-SQL statements are Db independent.

How do you retrieve a value from scroll.scroll select?

Scrollselect (1, targetname, recordfiledname)

What is record. row peoplecode?

Record peoplecode is triggered whenever you deal with the record. EX when u right a piece of code on Record Field change that code is fired whenever the Field is changed in any page. There is nothing called Row PeopleCode.

What are the differences between AE and SQR?

AE is built on PeopleSoft proprietary language called People Code, where as SQR is a third party tool.

What is the difference between SaveEdit and FieldEdit?

Field Edit Validate particular field only, but Save Edit validates all the fields in that component.

What is the performance tuning of SQR?

1. Use Load-lookup and Arrays
2. Use SQT files.
3. Generate multiple reports.
4. Use correct sql joins.

How do you decide between appeng/Ci and SQR while conversion?

When you want to validate data upfront before loading them into db. better plan to use appeng or ci, when you are thinking of huge data to be loaded SQR would be a better option.

Tell me your experience with CI?

CI can be used to upload data from legacy systems through excel to Cl or create new data within PeopleSoft from another component.

What is the purpose of State Record?

State Records are used in AE to pass values from action and section to the other. It also allows you to restart the App engine. For this, the State record has to be a SQL table. A state record either can be an SQL table or derived Work record. Process_instance field is mandatory in the State Record.

How will you get a single output by combining two or more queries?


How do you set up table sharing in PeopleTools applications?


Which RDBMS uses Table space?

Oracle, db2, Informix

What Record Changes does not affect Database?

List Box item

What are the Record field events?

1. FieldChange
2. FieldDefault
3. FieldEdit
4. FieldFormula
5. PrePopup
6. RowDelete
7. RowInit
8. RowInsert
9. RowSelect
10. SaveEdit
11. SavePostChg
12. SavePreChg
13. SearchInit
14. Search Save
15. Workflow

Which of the following fires after the database is updated?


What are the commands can be run in Bootstrap mode?

Bootstrap mode is actually logging into the App designer in 3-tier mode i.e. Logon to the
App server. Data mover scripts are run on 3-tier mode.

You want to update your password and enter a hint for forgotten password. What would you access?



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