TOP Selenium IDE Interview Questions and Answers

Read Latest Selenium IDE Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers, 2+ Years Experienced Q and A with Explanation PDF.

How you can debug the tests in Selenium IDE?

  • Insert a break point from the location where you want to execute step by step

  • Run the test case

  • At the given break point execution will be paused

  • To continues with the next step click on the Blue button

  • To run commands at a time click on run button

From Selenium IDE how you can execute a single line?

From Selenium IDE single line command can be executed in two ways

  • Select “Execute this command” by right clicking on the command in Selenium IDE

  • Press “X” key on the keyboard after selecting the command in Selenium IDE

In which format does source view shows your script in Selenium IDE?

In Selenium IDE source view shows your script in XML format

Explain how you can insert a start point in Selenium IDE?

In two ways selenium IDE can be set

  • Press “S” key on the keyboard and select the command in Selenium IDE

  • In Seleniun IDE right click on the command and the select  “Set / Clear Start Point”

What if you have written your own element locator and how would you test it?

To test the locator one can use “Find Button” of Selenium IDE, as you click on it, you would see on screen an element being highlighted provided your element locator is right or or else an error message will be displayed.

What is regular expressions? How you can use regular expressions in Selenium?

A regular expression is a special text string used for describing a search pattern. In Selenium IDE regular expression can be used with the keyword- regexp: as a prefix to the value and patterns needs to be included for the expected values.

What are core extension?

If you want to “extend” the default functionality provided by Selenium Function Library , you can create a Core Extension. They are also called “User Extension”. You can even download ready-made Core Extension created by other Selenium enthusiasts.

How will you handle working with multiple windows in Selenium?

We can use the command selectWindow to switch between windows. This command uses the title of Windows to identify which window to switch to.

How will you verify the specific position of an web element?

You can use verifyElementPositionLeft & verifyElementPositionTop. It does a pixel comparison of the position of the element from the Left and Top of page respectively

How can you retrive the message in an alert box?

You can use the storeAlert command which will fetch the message of the alert pop up and store it in a variable


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