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What is SSRS?

SSRS or SQL Server Reporting Services is a server-based reporting platform that gives detailed reporting functionality for a variety of data sources.  Reporting services include a complete set of tools to manage, create and deliver reports and APIs that allows developers to synchronize data and report process in custom application.

What are the important architecture components of SSRS?

Important architecture components of SSRS includes

  • Report Manager

  • Report Designer

  • Browser types supported by reporting services

  • Report Server

  • Report Server and Command line utilities

  • Report Server Database

  • Data Sources

What data regions are and what are the different data regions?

Data regions are report items that show repeated rows of summarized information from datasets.

Different data regions include

  • Chart

  • Gauge

  • List

  • Matrix

  • Table

What are the different stages of Report Processing?

Different stages of Report Processing includes

  • Compile: It analyze expressions in the report definitions and save the compiled intermediate format internally on the server

  • Process: It run dataset queries and combine intermediate format with data and layout

  • Render: It sends processed report to a rendering extension to tell how much information fits on each page and create the page report

  • Export: It exports the reports to a different file format

What are the new features in SSRS?

New features in SSRS includes

  • Excel File Export: The files can be exported into Excel file formats, earlier only XLS files were only exported

  • Data Alerts: The new data alerts allow to create alert threshold which are evaluated on a user defined schedule, also there is data alert manager for alerting administrators

  • Power View: With the new RDLX file format, power view is a new interactive Business Intelligence feature

These are the new features included, apart from these, if you are using SSR on SharePoint it  gives additional benefits like drag and drop ad hoc reporting and sending e-mails when data changes.

What is a sub-report?

Sub-report are inserted into the main part, just like a main report, you also pass queries and parameters to it.  In other words, a sub-report can be considered as an extension to your main report, but it consists of a different data set.  For example, you can prepare a report of customers and then use a sub-report to show a list of orders for each customer.

List out what other servers you can use with SSRS?

Most of the times companies use SQL server with SSRS, but there are other servers you can integrate

  • Oracle

  • ODBC and OLEDB

  • Hyperion

  • Teradata

  • Flat XML files

What are the core components of SSRS?

The core components of SSRS includes

  • A set of tool to View, Create and Manage report

  • A report server component that hosts and processes reports in a different formats like PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV,

  • An API, which enables developers to integrate with custom applications or to create custom tools to manage or build reports

What are the different types of SSRS reports?

The different types of reports include

  • Parameterized reports

  • Snapshot reports

  • Cached reports

  • Clickthrough reports

  • Drilldown reports

  • Drillthrough reports

  • Sub-reports

  • Linked reports

  • Ad-hoc reports

Name some of the open source software that you can use in alternative to SSR?

Some of the open source software alternative are

  • Jasper Reports

  • JFree Report

  • BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool)

  • OpenReport

  • DataVision and so on


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