Best front-end framework to use in 2020

Frameworks are a very strong web and mobile application design tool. Just think, for example, of sites and apps such as Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram. It is precisely frameworks that are responsible for their continuous operation by providing and giving a complete experience to their users.

Most clearly, we can describe a framework as a large number of pre-constructed components that give developers the ability to expand and customize them based on their application. Many frames have JavaScript source language.

The subject of this article is the most common frameworks, taking into account, above all, the continuous technological development, the needs of web and mobile applications users, and the propensity of front-end developers to allow them. In this essay, according to their quality and popularity, I evaluate the six best frameworks.


React is a library based on JavaScript components with JSX syntax.

Jordan Walke, Facebook software engineer, developed the model for Reacting to common problems caused by network expansion in Facebook's work. Officially, its first Facebook software becomes an open source repository in 2011 and two years later, 2013.

React's main characteristic is a digital DOM, but it should be noted that it is a one-way binding of information. React is characterized by exceptional performance thanks to the digital DOM function.

Reacting is one of the easiest to learn from the aspect of difficulty level, especially compared to Angular.

How is it being used?

React focuses on creating a single page web app (SAP) and mobile app user interface. Because React is a library, to create more complex applications from which I would define Redux and React Router, it is important to include several other libraries. React Native is also an external forum for high-quality iOS and Android app development.

React, known for its high performance, has proven to be extremely challenging for applications that require complexity, enhancements and updates frequently. That's enough to tell about React, because after Facebook it was introduced by Instagram.

How common is that?

When it comes to the success of React, I'm going to look at figures from GitHub. It has 122,529 stars, according to current data, and the average star growth per day in the past year is 93.

In a relatively short time, this library became popular and widely accepted. It is definitely a phenomenon, and the group is growing rapidly.

Major projects / businesses using it?

React is the option of Netflix, New York Times, Yahoo! Mail, Vivaldi Browser, Dropbox, PayPal, Pinterest, Timber, Uber, and many other apps, except for the business I mentioned earlier.


The community is constantly evolving, maintained by Facebook, Virtual DOM, high performance, suitable for high-traffic applications, often updated.

Cons :

Not SEO-friendly, includes other libraries to build more complex applications.


Extremely popular Angular project is the only one on this list with TypeScript as its source language.

It was developed by the Google team to update AngularJS' earlier version. There was, on the one hand, the fulfillment of contemporary demands in the context of growth, thinking about technology, and, on the other hand, the desire to mix the ideas best demonstrated in reality. With this structure, there is no question that the Google team has set standards in this field. The first version of Angular (v2) was released in 2016. Previously, alpha and beta were published in 2014 and 2015.

Angular is a component-based system, but it is a two-way data linking unlike React.

How is it being used?

Angular is used to build mobile apps and web applications. In addition to the standard use of a single-page application with the proper library, such as Universal, a multi-page app can be created. With regard to mobile applications, Google has been committed to providing users with an exceptional Ionic platform focused on Native app development and Progressive Web Applications.

How popular are they?

There are actually 45,376 stars at GitHub Angular, and the average number of stars per day in the past year is 33. An interesting fact is that, relative to the rising reaction, the number of stars is decreasing. In the programming world, Angular has been extremely popular for many years and now has the biggest.

Major projects / businesses using it?

Including Google, Microsoft Office Online, Forbes, Blender Video, Playstation, Santander Bank and BMW are also used by Angular.


Strong community pros, 2-way data binding, Simple single-page request, Shadow DOM, typewriting.


Complex and not easy to learn, you need to learn typewriting.


Vue.js is the software platform for the development of interfaces for users. It is an independent tool that generates web interfaces and the additional extension is not needed. Evan You created Vue.js, which was first released in February 2014. You probably won't find the long list of big companies using Vue.js, but it's undoubtedly popular with developers and the usage of the application increases considerably.

Many features that are accessible attract the developer to use it. Vue.js can be easily learned and implemented. For both represented components and full one-page applications, Vue.js can be implemented. This requires the format and logical structure of the element folder.This JavaScript architecture deals with adaptive two-way data binding and includes no external libraries.

Simultaneously, it remains highly elastic. Vue.js can be easily integrated with different libraries and applied for the bigger projects. For their application, the Vue.js team released some excellent browser devtools extensions. They allow you to check the current situation of the components and manually change certain ones. Developers are attracted by the possibility to combine the structure the way they have chosen.We shouldn't think about the very small size of Vue.js relative to others. As a result, the overall performance time is speeded up. Last but not least, Vue.js is known for all-inclusive documentation, which is why developers are saving time learning this front-end application. Actually, as Vue.js applies template patterns based on HTML, they need to start with basic JavaScript and HTML.

How common are they?

It is interesting that, without the names of big and well-known companies behind it, Vue is becoming a phenomenon in the front-end development community. His success will certainly be overwritten by a simple structure and fast integration.

Statistically, on GitHub, Vue has 128,158 stars and 121 stars / year and their community is growing daily. He had 102 stars when he wrote the article on a daily level.

Major projects / businesses using it?

In apps such as Xiaomi, Alibaba, Gitlab, Laracasts, Reuters, 9gag, among others, Vue.js is used.


Friendly beginners, popularity and community are growing rapidly, syntax, versatility, support for typescripts, high performance.


It is not maintained by well-known companies such as Google, the youngest is from all walks of life, being too flexible in structure can be difficult.


I'm sure almost everyone knows jQuery, a library that has made JavaScript work far easier. It was created and released by John Resig in 2006, which positions it on this list in the oldest front-end library compared to others. Its use, however, is still impressive today. One reason we have been using jQuery for many years is its simplicity in writing JavaScript code and minimizing it.

JQuery is completely helpful to newcomers, unlike other frameworks and libraries.

How common are they?

GitHub has a total number of stars at 50,928. The stars ' growth per day is constant throughout the year, about 8, and not many fluctuations occur. A community is massive, and there are already answers in many years of questions about the issues you may face during work.

Where is it being used?

The purpose of jQuery is not like other analyzed frameworks because jQuery is primarily a library. The essence of its use is DOM and CSS manipulation, and it is mainly focused on the interactivity and functionality of the website.

The jQuery Ajax framework can be used to communicate with database data. I have to note that this library will complicate the development process of the same as the application grows and lead to poorer performance.

While jQuery is not intended to create a mobile app, the jQuery Mobile application has a new feature. This framework has expanded its use boundaries, adapted to modern requirements, but still in a much smaller percentage than, for example, React or Vue. Another important thing is the abundance of jQuery plug-ins that can be of great help during your job.

What makes jQuery unique is that this library is compatible with all browsers, contrary to other frameworks and libraries. Unlike it, it is often the case that other frameworks develop quite rapidly and therefore not all browsers support it.

Major projects / companies that use it?

Several businesses that use jQuery are Apple, Google, Uber, Kickstarter, Spotify, SurveyMonkey.


Compatible with all browsers, user-friendly, lots of plugins, big community.


JQuery can be very sluggish, it is not intended to build more complex projects, mobile apps are not planned.


Ember is another JavaScript application that deserves to be on this list due to its characteristics. It's like Angular, a component-based and 2-way-binding. Created and published in 2011 by Yehuda Katz.

When we talk about learning weight, Ember is one of the hardest frameworks to master, it's not a versatile structure, and you're going to have to spend a lot of time (especially for beginners). The architecture is amazing. The thing about the learning process itself that I have to mention is that Ember has one of the best documentation, which I believe can be of great help.

What's it popular?

Ember has 20,637 stars, according to GitHub statistics, and the average star growth per day is 5 in the past year.

Although it has not gained popularity like Vue, Ember is respected by some seasoned developers who have encountered him except for other frameworks.

How is it being used?

Like other architectures, Ember is tailored to the requirements of modern technology. They intend it to develop mobile apps and web applications. In mobile applications, the Cordova platform is mostly used.

Ember was designed to meet the demands of very complex web applications compared to other frameworks. Yet, because of slow rendering, it may not be the best choice.

Major projects / businesses using it?

Ember firms include Twitter, Yahoo!Skylight, Adobe, Google, Netflix and others.


2-way-binding, one of the best architectures for complex applications.


A small community, hard to know.


JavaScript library is very small, structured and effective. This is the backbone.

This library was developed and published by Jeremy Ashkenas in 2010. Backbone does not provide data binding and developers are based on the MVC concept of their organization.

Since this is a library, learning with the extensive documentation that it has is quite simple.

How common are they?

Backbone has greatly lost prominence when it comes to frameworks. At the moment, he has 27,284 stars and he gets a one star per year.

How is it being used?

Backbone may have extraordinary applications for small and simple web apps, although not too common. Backbone is not intended for large applications as the performance is poor in this case.

Major projects / businesses using it?

LinkedIn Mobile, Pandora, AudioVroom are companies that use Backbone.


Friendly beginner, good choice for a small request, structured, dry.


For a major app, it's not a good choice, popularity declined with frameworks evolving.

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