What's New with Angular 8 ?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Angular 8 is launched finally! See more details on the new features of Angular 8.

Angular is the most popular platform for creating an app or SPAs on the client-side. The new release of Angular 8 gives us a new collection of strong features, to be enjoyed by developers on many levels: the core system, the Angular Material Library, and the CLI. This has also allowed various launching partners such as NativeScript, the Angular Console for running Angular projects on your system,@angular / fire (for integrating Firebase in Angular), and StackBlitz (an Angular IDE online). It has also facilitated the development of many major mobile apps with Angular.

New Features:

Ivy Preview :

A preview of Ivy is now available for testing with the launch of Angular 8. Ivy is a modern motor that allows smaller package sizes. But not only in manufacturing, it is not recommended to begin using it.

You can tell the Angular CLI to allow Ivy in your project with the --enable-ivy switch :

if you want to start playing with the Ivy game use :

$ ng new angular-project --enable-ivy

Web workers :

In building production packages that improve efficiency, web workers are taken into account thanks to Angular CLI 8. Angular CLI 8 now provides every web worker with a package.

Lazy Loading:

The angular router has always supported lazy loading but Angular 8 now allows dynamic imports of EcmaScript. For instance:

{ path: 'lazyld', loadChildren: () => import('./mylazyld/mylazyld.module').then(mod => mod.Module) }

Enhanced ngUpgrade :

Angular 8 also added new features to ngUpgrade, making it easier to upgrade Angular.js applications by developers to Angular 8.

New unit test aids:

Two new Unit Test helpers are introduced to allow unit testing angular system to be used when upgrading AngularJS.

  1. createAngularJSTestingModule

  2. createAngularTestingModule

Typescript :

Typescript 3.5.x is required with 8.2.0 release.

Slice Pipe:

The SlicePipe used to take vale of type any earlier, SlicePipe now only accepts an array of values, a string, null or undefined. It will throw a compilation error if any other data type is used.

The Angular 9.next is now available and IVY is the default rendering engine, and the RC version will be available in a few months ' time. The quality and bug fixes are multiple and are happening at the same time.
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